Abbreviations Related to Computer Science


Abbreviations Related to Computer Science

Abbreviations Related to Computer Science

Abbreviations Related to Computer Science

A.B.C. –– Atana Soff Berry Computer 

A.I. ––  Artificial Intelligence 

A.L.U. –– Arithmetic Logical Unit 

ASCC––  Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator. 

ASCH––  American Standard Code for Information Interchange 

BASIC–– Beginners All Symbolic Instruction Code 

BIOS–– Basic Input Output System 

BPS–– Bit Per Second

Abbreviations Related to Computer Science 

BROM–– Bipolar Read Only Memory 

CAD––  Computer Aided Design 

CMOS–– Complementary-symmetry Metal Oxide Semiconductor. 

COBOL–– Common Business Oriented Language 

CPU–– Central Processing Unit 

DBMS–– Date Base Management System 

DEC–– Digital Equipment Co-operation 

DOS–– Disk Operating System 

EDSAC–– Electronic Display Storage Automatic Computer 

EDVAC–– Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer 

ENIAC–– Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator 

EPROM–– Erasable, Programmable Read Only Memory 

FDC–– Formula Disc Controller 

FORTRAN–– Formula Translation 

GIGO–– Garbage in Garbage Out 

GPC–– General Purpose Computer 

HLL–– High Level Language 

HTL–– High Threshold Logic

Abbreviations Related to Computer Science 

HTTP–– Hyper Text Transfer Protocol 

I/O Unit–– Input/Output Unit

IBM–– International Business Machines 

IC–– Integrated Circuits 

IOC–– Input Output Controller 

KBS–– Kilo Byte per second 

LIFO–– Last In First Out 

LIPS–– Logical Inference Per Second 

LIPS/KIPS–– Data/Logic/Knowledge Information Processing System 

LLL–– Low Level Language 

LPM–– Line Per Minute 

LSB–– Least Significant Digit 

LSD–– Least Significant Digit 

LSIC–– Large Scale Integrated Circuits 

MIPS–– Million Instructions Per Second 

MOS–– Magnetic Oxide Semi-Conductor  

MOSFET–– Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor

MSB–– Most Significant Bit 

MSD–– Most Significant Digit 

MSI–– Medium Scale Integration 

MTBF–– Mean Time Between Failures

NMOS–– Negative Metal Oxide Semiconductor 

OS–– Operative System 

PC–– Personal Computer 

PCB–– Printed Circuit Board 

PMOS–– Positive Metal Oxide Semiconductor 

POST–– Power of Self Transfer 

PROLOG–– PROgram in LOGic 

PROM–– Programmable Read Only Memory 

RAM–– Random Access Memory 

ROM–– Read Only Memory 

SSI–– Small Scale Integration 

TTL–– Transistor-Transistor Logic 

UNIVAC–– UNIVersal Automatic Computer 

VDU–– Visual Display Unit 

VLSIC–– Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits 

UPS–– Uninterruptable Power Supply. 0 0 0

Abbreviations Related to Computer Science

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