Branches of Science


Branches of Science

Branches of Science

Branches of Science

Branch  Concerned Field 

Angiology–– Study of blood vascular system.    

Anthropology–– Study of apes and man. 

Araneology–– Study of spiders. 

Batracology–– Study of frogs. 

Biochemistry–– Study of chemical reactions in relation to life activities. 

Biotechnology––  It deals with the use of micro-organisms in commercial processes for producing fine chemical such as drugs, vaccines, hormones, etc. on a large scale. 

Cardiology–– Study of heart. 

Craniology –– Study of skulls. 

Cryogenics–– Study of the application and uses of very low temperature. 

Cytology–– Study of cells. 

Branches of Science

Dermatology–– Study of skin. 

Ecology–– Study of the relationship between organisms and the environment. 

Entomology–– Study of insects. 

Aetiology–– Study of causes of disease. 

Eugenics –– Study of improvement of human race by applying laws of heredity. It is related to future generations.  

Geology–– Study of condition and structure of the earth. 

Gynaecology–– Study of female reproductive organs. 

Haematology–– Study of blood. 

Hepatology–– Study of liver. 

Immunology–– Science which studies the resistance of organisms against infection. 

Myology–– Study of Muscles.

Branches of Science 

Nephrology–– Study of kidney. 

Neurology–– Study of nervous system. 

Obstetrics–– Branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy. 

Ophthalmology–– Study of eyes. 

Pedology–– Study of soil.

Pisciculture–– Study of fish

Pomology–– Study of fruits. 

Seismology–– Study of earthquakes. 

Serpentology–– Study of snakes. 

Taxonomy–– Study of Classification of organisms. 

Virology –– Study of the virus. 0 0 0

Branches of Science

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