Features of Indian Constitution


Features of Indian Constitution

Features of Indian Constitution

Features of Indian Constitution

1. The Constitution of India is a written document. 

2. The Constitution, as originally adopted, had 22 Parts, 395 Articles and 9 Schedules. 

3.The Indian Constitution is partly rigid and partly flexible. 

4. It declares India as a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic. 

5. It Guarantees Fundamental Rights to all the citizens of India. 

6. It provides single citizenship in India.

7. The Constitution of India is federal in nature with unitary features. 

8. It introduces the principle of Universal Adult Franchise. 

9. It established the Parliamentary form of Government in India. 

10.It provides for an independent judiciary. The Supreme Court acts as the guardian of the Constitution and is the highest court of appeal. 

11.It incorporates Directive Principles of State Policy. 

12.It lays down Fundamental Duties for citizens. 

13. It recognises the President as the Constitutional head of the Union. 0 0 0

Features of Indian Constitution

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