Fundamentals of Computer


Fundamentals of Computer

Basic Computer Operation

Fundamentals of Computer

Computer is an electronic data processing device capable of receiving inputs, storing sets of instructions for solving problems and generating output with accuracy and high speed. A computer is made up of some component parts as-hardware, software, Processing Unit etc.

Fundamentals of Computer

Hardware is the physical component of a computer. It is a collection of programmes written to bring the hardware of the computer system into operation. It may be electronic, electrical, magnetic, mechanical or optional. Optical disks, keyboard, printer, microprocessors etc. are hardware. 

Software refers to the set of computer programmes, procedures and associated documents which describe the programs and how they are to be used. It is the term given to the machinery staff and to the various pieces of equipment. System Software and Application Software are the major types of software.

Fundamentals of Computer 

Central Processing Unit (CPU) is ‘the heart, soul and brain of a computer. Its main function is to coordinate the activities of the entire computer. 

There are some devices which are called Input Devices and Output Devices. Input Devices are devices that are used to enter the input, i.e. the date and the instructions into the computer’s main memory. 

Output Devices are used to show the results to the users. The most popular device used for direct access processing application is the Visual Display Unit (VDU).

Fundamentals of Computer 

Floppy Disk is a round and flat piece of flexible plastic coated with magnetic oxide. It is used to store data. It was first introduced by IBM. 

There are another kind of Output Device called Pen Drive. It is used to store and transfer data from one device to another.

Memory is a form of electronic storage which stores programmes, data, results or any other kind of information. Different types of memory are: 

i. Semi-conductor memory 

ii. Cache Memory 

iii. Bubble memory 

iv. Flash Memory

Fundamentals of Computer

There are two types of memory of a computer as-Ram and Rom. Ram ( Random Access Memory) is the read and write memory of a computer. It is the main memory and holds data and instructions which are currently under execution. 

Rom (Read Only Memory) is a non-volatile memory and is used for permanent storage. Data can only be read from this memory once it is stored. 0 0 0

Fundamentals of Computer

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