Holy Places in India


Holy Places in India

Holy Places in India

Holy Places in India

Temple ……. Place 

Amarnath Temple: Kashmir 

Ayodhya: Uttar Pradesh 

Badrinath Temple: Uttarakhand 

Bhubaneswar Temple: Odisha 

Dilwara Temple: Mt. Abu (Rajasthan) 

Dwarka: Gujarat 

Golden Temple: Amritsar (Punjab) 

Haridwar: Uttarakhand 

Jagannath Temple: Puri (Odisha) 

Kailashnath Temple: Kanchipuram 

Kancheepuram: Tamil Nadu 

Kanch Mandir: Indore.

Kedarnath Temple: Uttarkhand 

Kamakhya Temple: Assam 

Mahabalipuram Temple: Mahabalipuram 

Mahakal Temple: Ujjain 

Mathura: Uttar Pradesh 

Meenakshi Temple: Madurai (Tamil Nadu) 

Puri: Odisha 

Rameswaram: Tamil Nadu 

Sikharji (for Jain): Bihar 

Sri Rangam Temple: Tiruchirapalli (Tamil Nadu)  

Sun Temple: Konark (Odisha) 

Tirupati: Andhra Pradesh 

Ujjain: Madhya Pradesh

Varanasi: Uttar Pradesh. 0 0 0

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