Indian Paintings


Indian Paintings

Indian Paintings

Indian Paintings

Ajanta Paintings: The Ajanta paintings date back to the 1st century B.C. to the 8th century A.D. and are primarily associated with Buddha in his religious affiliation. The paintings and sculptures found in the Ajanta caves reflect both power and charm. 

Mughal and Deccan Paintings: Drawings by artists of the Mughal and Deccan schools and works made under their influence show astonishing accuracy of detail. A painting studio with 100 artists working to manufacture painting materials was set up at the Mughal Court. 

Rajasthan Paintings: More importance were given to the portrayals of hunting scenes, lions, and elephants locked in combat. The Kotah and Bundi artists used broad and decisive brush strokes. 

Temple Murals: The largest murals ever painted in Asia happen to be on the ceiling of the shrine at the Veerabhadreswara temple at Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh in South India. 

Srirangam Paintings: Paintings of Nayak and Marathas are found in the temple of Srirangam. These are found in the ceiling and in mandapam which date back to the 17th century depicting scenes of Bhagwat Purana. 

Chitra Sabha: It is one of the best displays of murals. It is located a few blocks away from the Kutralanathar temple at Kutralam in southern Tamil Nadu. The story of Madurai Meenakshi is one of the masterpieces depicted in these murals. 

Brihadeeshwara Temple Paintings: These paintings date back to the 11th century B.C. A striking feature of the temple is the fresco painting which can be seen in the ceilings of the corridors and also in the ceilings of many sub-shrines. 

Tanjore Paintings: It was prevalent during the Maratha period and served as a threshold between traditional and modern schools of painting. Stories of Rama, Krishna, and Siva are the most common ones. 0 0 0

Indian Paintings

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