Keyboard Layout


Keyboard Layout

Keyboard Layout

Keyboard Layout


Functions of Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the components of Hardware. There are a number keys with which some operations brought into action, as-

Enter: This command moves the cursor down one line and to the left margin. Enter also processes commands such as choosing an option in a dialogue (message) boxes, submitting a form, etc. 

Del or Delete: It deletes the character at cursor or characters to the right of the cursor and all selected text. 

Backspace:  It deletes the character to the left of the cursor and all highlighted text. 

Spacebar: It moves the cursor one space at a time to the right. 

Shift Key: The shift keys are used to type capital letters and to type the upper character.  

Capslock: It locks the keyboard so that it types a capital letter.

Tab:  It moves the cursor five spaces to the right. In case of a form or table, the tab moves to the next field. 

Esc or Escape: It conceals a menu or dialogue box. 

Arrow Keys: It moves the cursor around the document without changing text. 0 0 0

Keyboard Layout

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