MCQs on Assam History


MCQs on Assam History

MCQs on Assam History

MCQs on Assam History

Q. Choose the correct option from the alternatives given below each question.

1. Upper Assam was annexed to British Empire in:

(a) 1837

(b) 1838

(c) 1839

(d) 1857

Ans: (b)

2. During 1376 to 1380 AD, the Borgohain and Buragohain carried on the administration. Who was the next Ahom king after them:

(a) Sutupha

(b) Sukrangpha

(c) Tyaokhamti

(d) Sulikpha 

Ans: (c) MCQs on Assam History

3. Dihingia Raja defeated the Kacharis in 1531 AD. What is the Ahom name of Dihingia Raja:

(a) Susenpha

(b) Suhungmung

(c) Sudangpha

(d) Suteupha 

Ans: (b)

4. Which of the following cultural institution was born out of Assam Accord:

(a) Rock Garden

(b) Assam State Museum

(c) Srimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra

(d) Rabindra Bhawan

Ans: (c)

5. Dimapur was the capital of the:

(a) Ahom Kings

(b) Chutia Kings

(c) Kachari Kings

(d) Bhuyans 

Ans: (d) MCQs on Assam History

6. Which king of Assam is participated in the Kannauj religious festival:

(a) Bala Varman

(b) Mahendra Varman

(c) Pushya Varman

(d) Bhaskar Varman

Ans: (d)

7. From whose reign Sanskrit language was used in Ahom coins:

(a) Siva Singha

(b) Pratap Singha

(c) Rudra Singha

(d) Suhungmung

Ans: (c)

8. Which of the following is considered as the daughter of Bhagadatta:

(a) Bhanumoti

(b) Indumoti

(c) Manomoti

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (a)

9. The Dighali Pukhuri in Guwahati is associated with:

(a) Harshavardhan

(b) Narakasura

(c) Bhagadatta

(d) Bhaskarvarman

Ans: (c) 

10.  Hinduism was established in Pragjyotishpur by the king:

(a) Narakasura

(b) Sri Krishna

(c) Bhagadatta

(d) Banasura

Ans: (a)

MCQs on Assam History

11. Who was the Prime Minister of king Bana:

(a) Bhaluk

(b) Kumbhanda

(b) Muru

(d) Ratnasura

Ans: (b)

12. The war between Nara and Ahom took place during whose reign:

(a) Sukapha

(b) Suteupha

(c) Suhungmung

(d) Subinpha 

Ans: (b)

13. The first Assamese magazine to have introduced cartoon was:

(a) Jonaki

(b) Bahi

(c) Bijuli

(d) Surabhi

Ans: (b)

14. Tamradhwaj was the king of which of the following dynasty:

(a) Pala

(b) Chutiya

(c) Ahom

(d) Kachari

Ans: (d)

15.  Who wrote the book ‘A History of Assam’?

(a) S K Bhuyan

(b) Harakanta Sadaramin

(c) Sir Edward Gait

(d) Anandaram Dhekiyal Phukan 

Ans: (c) MCQs on Assam History

16. King Kandarpeswar was allowed to settle in which place after the 1857 revolt:

(a) Jorhat

(b) Tezpur

(c) Sadia

(d) Guwahati

Ans: (d)

17.  In how many parts the British divided Assam for the provision of administration:

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

Ans: (a)

18. Who was on duty in lower Assam under British administration in Assam:

(a) David Burner

(b) David Scott

(c) Captain Wales

(d) Thomas Roe

Ans: (b)

19. For how many days captain Wales stayed in Assam:

(a) 15 Months

(b) 16 Months

(c) 17 Months

(d)19 Months

Ans: (c)

20. Who was the only Assamese to take part in the historic Dandi March:

(a) Chandradhar Baruah

(b) Liladhar Baruah

(c) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi

(d) Bishnuram Medhi

Ans: (b)

MCQs on Assam History

21.  When did Assam Pradesh Congress Committee form:

(a) 1885

(b) 1905

(c) 1917

(d) 1921

Ans: (d)

22. Who led the famous 1857 revolt against British in Assam:

(a) Piyoli Phukan and Jeuram Dulia Baruah

(b) Harakanta and Haranath

(c) Moniram Dewan and Piyoli Baruah

(d) Anandaram Dhekial Phukan and Gunabhiram Baruah

Ans: (c)

23. Kanaklata Baruah was killed while she was trying to hoist the tri-color in which police station:

(a) Gohpur

(b) Darrang

(c) Sarupathar

(d) Tezpur

Ans: (a)

24.  Who was the only Assamese to take part in the Historic Round Table Conference as a representative of India:

(a) Chandradhar Barua

(b) Gopinath Bordoloi

(c) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi (d) Bishnuram Medhi

Ans: (a) MCQs on Assam History

25. Who led the fist notable revolt against British in Assam:

(a) Piyoli Phukan

(b) Jeuram Duliya Baruah

(c) Gumadhar Konwar

(d) Harakanta 

Ans: (c)

26.  Which one of these Satradhikar played an essential role in India’s Freedom and Social Reform Movement:

(a) Auniatiya Satradhikar

(b) Bengenatiya Satradhikar

(c) Kamalabari Satradhikar

(d) Dakhinpatiya Satradhikar

Ans: (a)

27.  The Ahom King Siva Singha declared his chief queen as Bar Raja. Who was she:

(a) Phuleswari

(b) Ambika

(c) Mula Ghabharu

(d) Sarbeswari

Ans: (a)

28. The Moamaria rebellion is related to which of the following:

(a) Conflict between Ahoms and Morans

(b) Conflict between Ahoms and Mughals

(c) Conflict between Ahoms and Chutiyas

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

29. Which of the personality was better known as an economist and social reformer during the Ahom rule:

(a) Purnananda Buragohain

(b) Momai Tamuli Borbaruah

(c) Lachit Borphukan

(d) None of these

Ans: (b)

30. Who was the greatest king of Kamata Kingdom?

(a) Rudra Singha

(b) Lachit Borphukan

(c) Naranaraya

(d) Chilarai

Ans: (c)

MCQs on Assam History

31. The Phulaguri uprising of the Phulaguri area in the Nowgong district took place in the year:

(a) 1841

(b) 1851

(c) 1861

(d) 1871

Ans: (c)

32. The Ahom kingdom originated in which period of History:

(a) Medieval

(b) Ancient

(c) Modern

(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

33. Who was the first Ahom Emperor to assume the Hindu title Swarga Naranaraya:

(a) Siva Singha

(b) Pratap Singha

(c) Jayadhvaj Singha

(d) Suhungmung

Ans: (d)

34.  Gohain Kamal Ali, constructed by Gohain Kamal from Koch Bihar to Narayanpur, was built during the reign of:

(a) Naranarayan

(b) Parkshit Narayan

(c) Biswa Singha

(d) Raghu Dev

Ans: (a)

35. During whose reign Kachari kingdom was entirely captured by Ahoms:

(a) Pratap Singha

(b) Siva Singha

(c) Gadadhar Singha

(d) Rudra Singha 

Ans: (d) MCQs on Assam History

36. Year 1894 is related to:

(a) Phulguri Dhawa

(b) Rangia Revolt

(c) Patharughat Revolt

(d) None of the above

Ans: (c)

37. In Sanskrit inscriptions, the name of Naranarayan is mentioned as:

(a) Kshatriya

(b) Purandar

(c) Malladeva

(d) Kamateswar

Ans: (c)

38.  Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a:

(a) Zamindar

(b) King

(c) Frontier Officer

(d) Naval Commander 

Ans: (c)

39. The Ahom Maidams are:

(a) Elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings

(b) Large fields

(c) Temples

(d) Enclosure for sporting activities

Ans: (a) MCQs on Assam History

40. The Ahom marriage is popularly known as:

(a) Chaklang

(b) Gandharva

(c) Homa

(d) Shyambar

Ans: (a)

MCQs on Assam History

41.  Who was the only representative from Assam as well as the Northeast in the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution:

(a) Sir Akbar Hydari

(b) Gopinath Bordoloi

(c) Syed Muhammad Saadulla

(d) Bimala Prasad Chaliha

Ans: (c)

42. During which dynasty Madan Kamdev temple was built:

(a) Ahom Dynasty

(b) Koch Dynasty

(c) Matak Dynasty

(d) Pala Dynasty 

Ans: (d)

43. Who was the Ahom king when Mir Jumla invade Assam:

(a) Suhungmung

(b) Jayadhwaj Singha

(c) Pratap Singha

(d) Chakradhwaj Singha 

Ans: (b) MCQs on Assam History

44. Which historian came along with Mir Jumla:

(a) Shiabuddin Talish

(b) Ralph Fitch

(c) Malik Kafur

(d) Hieun Tsang

Ans: (a)

45. Which general was deputed by Aurangzeb to capture Assam:

(a) Mir Jumla

(b) Shiabuddin

(c) Danial

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (a)

46. Which Sutiya king built Sadiya:

(a) Ratnadhwajpal

(b) Garudadhiraj

(c) Vijayadhiraj

(d) Vikramdhiraj

Ans: (a)

47. When Srimanta Sankardeva fled the Ahom kingdom he was given shelter by:

(a) Naranarayan

(b) Kalibhomora

(c) Chilarai

(d) Rudra Singha

Ans: (a) MCQs on Assam History

48. Sukaphaa is said to have marched through which pass of Patkai ranges of hills:

(a) Khyber Pass

(b) Pangchu Pass

(c) Diphu Pass

(d) Bomdila

Ans: (b)

49. By what popular name is Shyed Shah Milan known in Assam:

(a) Nasiruddin

(b) Chand Ali

(c) Ajan Fakir

(d ) Chandsai

Ans: (c)

50. Which of the following Ahom Kings introduced the tradition of writing  Buranji in Assam:

(a) Pramatta Singha

(b) Rudra Singha

(c) Sukaphaa

(d) Sukhampha

Ans: (c)

MCQs on Assam History

51. Who wrote ‘Prahlada Charitra’:

(a) Hem Saraswati

(b) Rudra Kandali

(c) Harivara Vipra

(d) Madhab Kandali

Ans: (a)

52.  The third Assamese film ‘Monomoti’ was released in the year:

(a) 1935

(b) 1938

(c) 1941

(d) 1943

Ans: (c)

53. The first Assamese Sonnet book ‘Malach’ was written by:

(a) Hiteshwar Borborah

(b) Hemchandra Goswami

(c) Nabakanta Baruah

(d) Nalinibala Devi

Ans: (a) MCQs on Assam History

54. In which year communist party was formed at Golaghat:

(a) 1943

(b) 1944

(c) 1945

(d) 1946

Ans: (d)

55.  From which year All India Radio (AIR) started its operation in Assam:

(a) 1947

(b) 1948

(c) 1949

(d) 1950

Ans: (b)

56. The first Assamese daily newspaper ‘Batori’ was published from:

(a) Jorhat

(b) Sivasagar

(c) Tinsukia

(d) Dibrugarh

Ans: (a)

57. Which one of the following is the first Government college in Assam:

(a) J B College

(b) Cotton College

(c) Assam Medical College

(d) Arya Vidyapith College

Ans: (b)

58. AGP came to the power in Assam for the first time in:

(a) 1984

(b) 1985

(c) 1986

(d) 1987

Ans: (b) MCQs on Assam History

59. In 1980 the first lady chief minister of Assam Syeda Anwara Taimur formed the ministry only for:

(a) 5 Months

(b) 6 Months

(c) 7 Months

(d) 8 Months

Ans: (c)

60. Why was Sudangpha called as Bamuni Raja:

(a) He loved Brahmins

(b) He donated lands to Brahmins

(c) He was brought up in a Brahmin Family

(d) None of the Above 

Ans: (c)

MCQs on Assam History

61. Which Ahom king made the capital at Charguya near the Dihing river:

(a) Sukapha

(b) Sukhrungpha

(c) Sudangpha

(d) Suteupha

Ans: (d)

62. Along with the AASU, which other organisation of Assam signed the Assam Accord:



(c) AGP

(d) APW

Ans: (a)

63. Who was the Prime Minister of India during the signing of the Assam Accord:

(a) Rajiv Gandhi

(b) Deve Gowda

(c) AB Vajpayee

(d) Rajib Gandhi

Ans: (d)

54. Which one of the following Public Sector Unit was born out of the Assam Accord:

(a) ONGC

(b) AGCL

(c) NRL


Ans: (c) MCQs on Assam History

65. Who represented the Mughal side in the treaty of Ghilajharighat:

(a) Samsuddin Faiz

(b) Mir Jumla

(c) Ram Singha

(d) Badauni

Ans: (b)

66. Mahendra Nath Hazarika is associated with:

(a) Mrityu Bahini

(b) Andolon Bahini

(c) Juga Bahini

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (a)

67. Who was the chief of the Swaraj Party in Assam:

(a) Liladhar Baruah

(b) Tarun Ram Phukan

(c) Manik Chandra Baruah

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (b)

68. The Ahom Maidams are shaped like:

(a) Pyramids

(b) Gardens

(c) Tombs

(d) Arches

Ans: (a)

69. Which of the following sites has Hindu, Buddhist and Jain relics together:

(a) Malegarh

(b) Suryapahar

(c) Kamakhya Temple

(d) Konark

Ans: (b) MCQs on Assam History

70. What is the name of the first Assamese women megazine:

(a) Bahi

(b) Arunudoi

(c) Ghar Jeoti

(d) Sarathi

Ans: (c)

MCQs on Assam History

71. Assam was tagged with which province during colonial rule:

(a) Bengal

(b) Bihar

(c) Shylet

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (c)

72. Which of the following association was formed by Manik Chandra Baruah:

(a) Assam Independence League

(b) Assam Association

(c) Assam Sabha

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (b)

73. Who was the king of the Morans when Sukapha came to Assam:

(a) Badancha

(b) Thakumtha

(c) Maulung

(d) Burahi

Ans: (a)

74. The Subansiri was fixed as the boundary between the Ahom and Koch Kingdom by:

(a) Treaty of Asurar Ali

(b) Treaty of Alaboi

(c) Treaty of Majuli

(d) None of the Above

Ans: (c) MCQs on Assam History

75. Which of the following historical sites contains examples of Gupta Architecture:

(a) Da Parbatia

(b) Suryapahar

(c) Madan Kamdev

(d) Agnigarh 

Ans: (a)

76. The first and only Sanskrit College in Assam situated at:

(a) Nalbari

(b) Jorhat

(c) Guwahati

(d) Golaghat

Ans: (a)

77. Who was the president of Assam Sahitya Sabha held at Shillong in 1953:

(a) Padmanath Gohain Barua

(b) Sayed Abdul Malik

(c) Surjya Kumar Bhuyan

(d) Dr. Bhupen Hazarika

Ans: (c)

78. Panchayat Raj was formed in Assam for the first time:

(a) 1957

(b) 1958

(c) 1959

(d) 1960

Ans: (d)

79. Who was the Ahom king during the first war of Ahoms against a powerful kingdom called Kamata:

(a) Sudangpha

(b) Suteupha

(c) Sukapha

(d) Sukhangpha

Ans: (d)

80. The Assam Association, the first political organization in Assam was formed in:

(a) 1902

(b) 1903

(c) 1904

(d) 1905

Ans: (b)

MCQs on Assam History

81. The first railway line was opened in Assam between:

(a) Dibrugarh to Margherita

(b) Dibrugarh to Guwahati

(c) Dibrugarh to Tinsukia

(d) Dibrugarh to Jorhat

Ans: (a)

82. The Kaziranga was announced as protected area by Lord Curzon at:

(a) 1905

(b) 1906

(c) 1907

(d) 1908

Ans: (d)

83. The first medical college of Assam was established at:

(a) Guwahati

(b) Dibrugarh

(c) Silchar

(d) Jorhat

Ans: (b) MCQs on Assam History

84. From which year Bordoloi Trophy Football tournament was started in Guwahati:

(a) 1952

(b) 1953

(c) 1954

(d) 1955

Ans: (a)

85. Assam hosted the National Games for the first time in:

(a) 2004

(b) 2005

(c) 2006

(d) 2007 

Ans: (d)

86. The Ahoms originally came from:

(a) Maolung

(b) Arakan

(c) Rakhine

(d) None of the Above 

Ans: (a)

87. Who was the first king from Assam to perform ‘Aswamedha Yagna’?

(a) Brahmapala

(b) Mahendravarman

(c) Pushyavarman

(d) Bhaskarvarman

Ans: (b)

88. Who was the founder of the Chutiya kingdom?

(a) Bhagadutta

(b) Naranarayan

(c) Birpal

(d) Mahipal

Ans: (c)

89. Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam?

(a) Krishna Kanta Handique

(b) Gopinath Bordoloi

(c) Maniram Dewan

(d) Tarun Ram Phukan 

Ans: (b)

90. The first conference of Assam Sahitya Sabha was held at____ .

(a) Jorhat

(b) Nagaon

(c) Guwahati

(d) Sibsagar

Ans: (d)

MCQs on Assam History

91. In which year Sir Shadulla’s Ministry formed?

(a) 1925

(b) 1937

(c) 1932

(d) 1939

Ans: (b)

92. In which year Saraighat Bridge was inaugurated over the river Brahmaputra:

(a) 1960

(b) 1961

(c) 1962

(d) 1963 

Ans: (c)

93. The first mobile theatre of Assam Nataraj was started by:

(a) Achyut Lahkar

(b) Jahnu Barua

(c) Tapan Das

(d) Jyoti Prashad Agarwalla

Ans: (a)

94. Which Viceroy had combined the eastern district of Bengal with Assam in 1905?

(a) Lord Mountbatten

(b) Lord Minto

(c) Lord Dufferin

(d) Lord Curzon

Ans: (d) MCQs on Assam History

95. When was the Treaty of Yandaboo signed in?

(a) 1830

(b) 1821

(c) 1826

(d) 1818

Ans: (c)

96. Who was the Chief Minister of Assam when the capital of the state was shifted to Dispur from Shillong?

(a) Golap Borbora

(b) Mahendra Mohan Choudhry

(c) Jogendra Nath Hazarika

(d) Sarat Chandra Singha

Ans: (d)

97. When was the Assam region separated from the Bengal Presidency?

(a) 1877

(b) 1891

(c) 1874

(d) 1880

Ans: (c)

98. In which year tea was discovered in Assam by Robert Bruce?

(a) 1830

(b) 1841

(c) 1820

(d) 1823

Ans: (d)

99. Who among the following was the first tea planter of India?

(a) Gopinath Bordoloi

(b) Rudra Singha

(c) Maniram Dewan

(d) Bisnuram Medhi

Ans: (c)

100. In which year, the capital of Assam shifted from Shillong to Dispur?

(a) 1963

(b) 1973

(c) 1979

(d) 1970

Ans: (b)

MCQs on Assam History

101. The historic Assam Accord was signed on_____ .

(a) 26th January 1985

(b) 15th August 1985

(c) 1st December 1992

(d) 15th August 1989

Ans: (b)

102. Who represented Assam in the Round table conference of 1937?

(a) Bimala P. Chaliha

(b) Krishna Kanta Handique

(c) Maniram Dewan

(d) Chandradhar Baruah

Ans: (d)

103. In Ancient times, Assam is also known by the name of ______ .

(a) Pragjyotishpur

(b) Charaideo

(c) Koliabor

(d) Guwahati

Ans: (a)

104. The Assam Sahitya Sabha was founded in the year of ______ .

(a) 1911

(b) 1917

(c) 1920

(d) 1907

Ans: (b)

105. Who was the first President of Assam Sahitya Sabha?

(a) Kaliram Medhi

(b) Kanaklal Barua

(c) Padmanath Gohain Baruah

(d) Chandradhar Barua

Ans: (c) MCQs on Assam History

106. Srimanta Sankardev was born in the year_____ .

(a) 1441

(b) 1435

(c) 1451

(d) 1449

Ans: (d)

107. The first Assamese film Joymati was released in the year___ .

(a) 1930

(b) 1935

(c) 1939

(d) 1933

Ans: (b)

108. Who was the last king of Ahom kingdom in Assam?

(a) Jogeswar Singha

(b) Kamaleswar Singha

(c) Purandar Singha

(d) Chandrakanta Singha

Ans: (c)

109. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang visited Kamarupa in which year?

(a) 640 A.D.

(b) 643 A.D.

(c) 635 A.D.

(d) 650 A.D.

Ans: (b)

110. Kanaklata Barua was associated with which of the following freedom movement?

(a) Non-cooperation movement

(b) Assam separatist movements

(c) Quit India Movement

(d) Civil disobedience movement

Ans: (c)

MCQs on Assam History

111. The Waste Land rule was passed in which year?

(a) 1820

(b) 1835

(c) 1838

(d) 1841

Ans: (c)

112. The Waste Land rule was passed under which one of the following commissioners?

(a) Adam Hopkinson

(b) David Scott

(c) Thomas Robertson

(d) Francis Jenkins

Ans: (d) MCQs on Assam History

113. Who was the founder of the Varmana Dynasty?

(a) Chilarai

(b) Banabhatta

(c) Pushyavarman

(d) Vishwa Singha

Ans: (c)

114. The Ahom dynasty ruled the Ahom kingdom for approximately how many years?

(a) 550 Years

(b) 620 Years

(c) 600 Years

(d) 650 Years

Ans: (c) 0 0 0.

MCQs on Assam History

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