MS Word Basics


MS Word Basics

MS Word Basics

MS Word Basics

MS-Word is a word processing program that allows us to create documents, mails, reprints, letters and even webpages. We can also add graphics, charts, tables to our documents in MS-Word.

MS Word Basics

Starting MS-Word: 

Click Start -Program-MS-Word. 

Lay out of MS-Word Screen 

Menus: Menus are a different list of commands on the top of the screen with a distinct heading (title) for a particular list. The menus in MS-Word are- 

File: It lists commands such as New, Open, Save, Print etc. 

Edit: It lists commands such as Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. 

View:  By means of this menu we can view an MS-Word screen in different layouts such as Normal, Web, Print layout, etc. 

Insert: This menu has commands such as break, Page Number, Date and Time, Auto Text, Symbol, Picture, Text Box, File, Object etc. We can use this menu to add graphics, pictures, symbol, word art etc. into a document. 

Format: This menu has commands such as Font, Paragraph, Bullet, Numbering, Border and Shading Columns, Tabs, etc. This menu is used for  carrying out a number of functions such as: 

(i) Changing Font Type, Size, colour, etc. 

(ii) To make a text bold, italic or underline. 

(iii) Adding bullets and numbering 

(iv) Adding effects like strikethrough, shadow, small caps, superscripts etc. to the font. 

(v) Adding spaces in between the characters and lines. 

Tools: This menu contains functions such as Spelling & Grammar, Language, Fix Broken Text, Macro etc. 

Table: This menu is used to create tables and inserting them to the document. 

Window: This menu helps us work in multiple documents together. 

Help: This menu can be used to seek help and assistance on any topics of MS-Word.   

Basic Functions in MS-Word 

Creating a New Documents : 

(i) Click the New Document button on  the menu bar 


(ii) Go to File – New Command 


(iii) Press Ctrl and N keys together after opening MS-Word. 

Opening an Existing document 

(i) Click the Open button on the menu bar 


(ii) Go to file – Open command 


(iii) Press Ctrl and O keys together 

Saving a Document 

(i) Click the Save button 


(ii)  Go to File- Save command 


(iii) Press Ctrl+S

MS Word Basics

Printing a Document: 

To print a document, follow the steps: 

(i) Open the document you desire to print 

(ii) Go to File-Print Command. This will open the Print dialogue box. 

Here we can choose various options before printing. Some of these options are choosing–

Printer’s Name (if there are more than one printer connected)

Choosing Orientation (Portrait or Landscape), Paper size, Resolution etc. in properties button. 

Printing the entire document or only current page Number of copies to be printed. 

(iii) After choosing these options, click OK 

Closing a document 

(i) Go to File- Exit command on the menu bar


(ii) Click Alt and F4 keys together.

MS Word Basics 

Formatting a Text 

To embolden a selected text, click the Bold button on the menu bar or press Ctrl+B. 

To italicize a selected text, click the Italics button on the menu bar or press Ctrl+I 

To underline a selected text, click the Underline button on the menu bar or press Ctrl+U 

For aligning a text, go to Format- Paragraphs or click on the left, centre, right, justify buttons. 

For inserting bullets & numberings click the Bullet and Numberings button.

MS Word Basics 

For performing editing Tasks 

Copy- Go to Edit-Copy or press Ctrl+C 

Cut-Go to Edit-Cut or press Ctrl+X

Paste- Go to Edit-Paste or press Ctrl V. 0 0 0

MS Word Basics

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