One Word Substitution 3


One Word Substitution 3

One Word Substitution 3

One Word Substitution 3

One Word Substitution 3

Q. Choose the single-word substitution of the given sentence or phrase from the options. 

201. A place where bees are kept is called

(a) An apiary

(b) A mole

(c) A sanctuary

(d) A hive

Ans: (a)

202. One who sacrifices his life for a cause 

(a) Patriot

(b) Martyr

(c) Revolutionary

(d) Soldier

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

203. A child born after the death of his father

(a) Posthumous

(b) Orphan

(c) Bastard

(d) Progenitor

Ans: (a)

204. Study of the evolution of man as an animal

(a) Archaeology

(b) Antique

(c) Chronology

(d)  Ethnology

Ans: (d)

205. A person who brings goods illegally into the country

(a) Importer

(b) Exporter

(c) Fraud

(d) Smuggler

Ans: (d)

206. To accustom oneself to a foreign climate

(a) Adapt

(b) Accustom

(c) Acclimatise

(d) Adopt

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

207. A person interested in reading books and nothing else

(a) Bookkeeper

(b) Scholar

(c) Bookworm

(d) Student

Ans: (c)

208. The act of setting free from the bondage of any kind

(a) eradication

(b) indemnity

(c) emancipation

(d) emigration

Ans: (c)

209. That which cannot be corrected

(a) Unintelligible

(b) Incorrigible

(c) Illegible

(d) Indelible

Ans: (b)

210. A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge

(a) Pedantic

(b) Verbose

(c) Pompous

(d) Ornate

Ans: (a)

211. One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness

(a) Egoist

(b) Fatalist

(c) Stoic

(d) Cynic

Ans: (d)

212. A person who forsakes religion:

(a) Apostle

(b) Apotheosis

(c) Renegade

(d) Charlatan

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

213. The part of government which is concerned with making of rules

(a) Court

(b) Tribunal

(c) Legislature

(d) Bar

Ans: (c)

214. One who is in charge of a museum

(a) Curator

(b) Supervisor

(c) Caretaker

(d) Warden

Ans: (a) 

215. Of outstanding significance

(a) Monumental

(b) Rational

(c) Ominous

(d) Evident

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

216. One who believes that all things and events in life are predetermined is a

(a) Fatalist

(b) Puritan

(c) Egoist

(d) Tyrant

Ans: (a)

217. List of headings of the business to be transacted at a meeting

(a) Schedule

(b) Agenda

(c) Proceedings

(d) Excerpts

Ans: (b)

218. One who despises persons of lower social position

(a) Prim

(b) Snob

(c) Prig

(d) Aristocrat

Ans: (b)

219. A small house with all rooms on one floor

(a) Bungalow

(b) Cottage

(c) Flat

(d) Castle

Ans: (a)

220. The short remaining end of a cigarette

(a) Stump

(b) Stub

(c) Rag

(d) Scrap

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

221. Having superior intellectual interests and tastes

(a) Elite

(b) Highbrow

(c) Sophisticated

(d) Fastidious

Ans: (b)

222. To mediate between two parties in a dispute

(a) Interfere

(b) Interact

(c) Interrupt

(d) Intercede

Ans: (d)

223. A government by the nobles

(a) Aristocracy

(b) Democracy

(c) Bureaucracy

(d) Autocracy

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

224. Something that relates to everyone in the world

(a) General

(b) Common

(c) Usual

(d) Universal

Ans: (d)

225. To cause troops, etc. to spread out in readiness for battle

(a) Disperse

(b) Deploy

(c) Collocate

(d) Align

Ans: (b)

226. A fixed orbit in space in relation to the earth

(a) Geological

(b) Geo-synchronous

(c) Geocentric

(d) Geo-stationary

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

227. To walk with slow and regular Steps

(a) Limp

(b) Stride

(c) Pace

(d) Advance

Ans: (c)

228. A voice loud enough to be heard

(a) Applaudable

(b) Applaud

(c) Laudable

(d) Oral

Ans: (c)

229. Claim or prove that an accusation is false

(a) Criticise

(b) Rebuff

(c) Reprimand

(d) Rebut

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

230. A style full of words

(a) Verbose

(b) Pedantic

(c) Rhetorical

(d) Abundant

Ans: (a)

231. Strong and settled dislike between two persons

(a) Benevolence

(b) Apathy

(c) Antipathy

(d) Goodwill

Ans: (c)

232. A person who believes that pleasure is the chief thing of life

(a) Stoic

(b) Hedonist

(c) Epicure

(d) Sensual

Ans: (b)

233. Bringing about painless death from an incurable disease

(a) Suicide

(b) Euphoria

(c) Gallows

(d) Euthanasia

Ans: (d)

234. Government by a single person

(a) Monarchy

(b) Autocracy

(c) Plutocracy

(d) Aristocracy

Ans: (b)

235. Large scale departure of people

(a) Migration

(b) Emigration

(c) Immigration

(d) Exodus

Ans: (d)

236. The policy of extending a country’s empire and influence

(a) Communism

(b) Capitalism

(c) Internationalism

(d) Imperialism

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

237. To express vehement verbal protest

(a) Languish

(b) Animate

(c) Fulminate

(d) Invigorate

Ans: (c) 

238. One who forcibly seizes control of a bus

(a) Pirate

(b) Swindler

(c) Hijacker

(d) Pilferer

Ans: (a) 

239. Mania for talking

(a) Logomania

(b) Pyromania

(c) Bibliomania

(d) Talkmania

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

240. Child bereaved of one or both the parents

(a) Desolate

(b) Destitute

(c) Orphan

(d) Lout

Ans: (c)

241. A person who does not believe in any religion

(a) Philatelist

(b) Rationalist

(c) Atheist

(d) Pagan

Ans: (d)

242. A short  amusing story about a real person

(a) Anecdote

(b) Antidote

(c) Tale

(d) Allegory

Ans: (a)

243. To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle

(a) Align

(b) Collocate

(c) Deploy

(d) Disperse

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

244. Part of a church in which bells hang

(a) Minaret

(b) Chapel

(c) Belfry

(d) Spire

Ans: (c)

245. Voluntarily giving up throne by a king in favour of his son

(a) Abdication

(b) Align

(c) Accession

(d) Resign

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

246. Music sung or played at night below a person’s window

(a) Serenade

(b) Sonnet

(c) Lyric

(d) Primo

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

247. An extremely deep opening in the ground

(a) Chasm

(b) Aperture

(c) Ditch

(d) Pit

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

248. A man of lax moral

(a) Ruffian

(b) Licentious

(c) Pirate

(d) Vagabond

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

249. A light sailing boat for racing

(a) Canoe

(b) Yacht

(c) Frigate

(d) Dinghy

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

250. A government by the nobles

(a) Democracy

(b) Autocracy

(c) Bureaucracy

(d) Aristocracy

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

251. One who always runs away from danger

(a) Escapist

(b) Timid

(c) Brave

(d) Shirker

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

252. A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc.

(a) Cellar

(b) Sty

(c) Pen

(d) Lair

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

253. A person who has no money to pay off his debts

(a) Debtor

(b) Pauper

(c) Beggar

(a) Insolvent

Ans: (a)

254. A song embodying religious and sacred emotions

(a) Lyric

(b) Ode

(c) Hymn

(d) Ballad

Ans: (c)

255. Gradual recovery from illness

(a) Convalescence

(b) Amnesia

(c) Superannuation

(d) Hysteria

Ans: (a)

256. Wicked to a high degree

(a) Cruel

(b) Hateful

(c) Abominable

(d) Heinous

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

257. One who cannot be moved by entreaties

(a) Impregnable

(b) Inexorable

(c) Inexplicable

(d) Infallible

Ans: (b)

258. A workman who fits and repairs pipes

(a) Mechanic

(b) Blacksmith

(c) Plumber

(d) Technocrat

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

259. To send a foreigner out of the country

(a) Exclude

(b) Ostracise

(c) Deport

(d) Expatriate

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

260.  A person who is against the standards of  society in dressing

(a) Joker

(b) Hippy

(c) Scapegoat

(d) Butt

Ans: (b)

261. A gift left by will

(a) Alimony

(b) Patrimony

(c) Legacy

(d) Property

Ans: (c)

262. The act of killing one’s wife

(a) Genocide

(b) Uxoricide

(c) Canicide

(d) Avicide

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

263. The practice of a married woman having an extra-marital relationship

(a) Polygamy

(b) Puberty

(c) Lechery

(d) Adultery

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

264. A process involving too much official formality

(a) Bureaucracy

(b) Diplomacy

(c) Red-tapism

(d) Nepotism

Ans: (c)

265. Anything written in a letter after it is signed

(a) Corrigendum

(b) Postdiction

(c) Postscript

(d) Posterity

Ans: (c) 

266. The place where public, government or historical records are kept

(a) Coffer

(b) Pantry

(c) Scullery

(d) Archives

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

267. A woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourse to anyone who will pay for this

(a) Voluptuary

(b) Cuckold

(c) Prostitute

(d) Concubine

Ans: (c)

268. An entertainer who performs difficult physical actions

(a) Clown

(b) Gymnast

(c) Magician

(d) Acrobat

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

269. Lottery in which an article is assigned by lot to one of those buying tickets

(a) Auction

(b) Raffle

(c) Audit

(d) Transit

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

270. An office or post with no work but high pay

(a) Honorary

(b) Sinecure (c) Gratis

(d) Ex-officio

Ans: (b)

271. Mental weariness for want of occupation

(a) Fatigue

(b) Ennui

(c) Languor

(d) Debility

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

272. A person who believes that God is everything and everything is god

(a) Agnostic

(b) Theist

(c) Pantechnicon

(d) Pantheist

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

273. The foolish belief that one is god

(a) Blasphemy

(b) Theocracy

(c) Paranoia

(d) Theomania

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

274. A poem written on the death of someone loved and lost

(a) Ode

(b) Epic

(c) Sonnet

(d) Elegy

Ans: (d)

275. Acutely affected by external impressions

(a) Ingenious

(b) Credulous

(c) Impressionable

(d) Sensitive

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

276. A girl or woman who flirts and  tries to attract people 

(a) Prostitute

(b) Coquette

(c) Spinster

(d) Concubine

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

277. A child of unusual talent

(a) Scholar

(b) Diligent

(c) Freak

(d) Prodigy

Ans: (d)

278. A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others

(a) Democrat

(b) Bureaucrat

(c) Autocrat

(d) Fanatic

Ans: (c) 

279. A story in which ideas are symbolised as people

(a) Allegory

(b) Fable

(c) Legend

(d) Parable

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

280. One who appreciates beauty in nature, art and literature

(a) Critic

(b) Aesthete

(c) Connoisseur

(d) Artist

Ans: (b) 

281. A person who brings an action at law

(a) Plaintiff

(b) Litigant

(c) Deponent

(d) Defendant

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

282. A person who regards the whole world as his country

(a) Metropolitan

(b) Nationalist

(c) Cosmopolitan

(d) Patriot

Ans: (c)

283. A person obsessed with one idea or subject

(a) Crazy

(b) Kleptomaniac

(c) Monomaniac

(d) Nymphomaniac

Ans: (c)

284. To change shape, nature or substance

(a) Modulate

(b) Substitute

(c) Remodel

(d) Transmute

Ans: (d). One Word Substitution 3

285. A person who kills somebody, especially for political reasons

(a) Criminal

(b) Murderer

(c) Assassin

(d) Hangman

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

286. Mania for travel

(a) Dromomania

(b) Logomania 

(c) Bibliomania

(d) Pyromania

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

287. A witty, clever retort

(a) Sarcasm

(b)  Repartee

(c) Platitude

(d) Invective

Ans: (b)

288. Language difficult to understand because of bad form

(a) Rhetoric

(b) Jargon

(c) Pedantic

(d) Verbatim

Ans: (b)

289. Opposed to great or sudden change

(a) Revolutionary

(b) Static

(c) Conservative

(d) Rebel

Ans: (c)

290. A  remark with a moral

(a) Dialogue

(b) Platitude

(c) Epigram

(d) Statement

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

291. A man with prejudiced views against religion

(a) Orthodox

(b) Bigot

(c) Fanatic

(d) Profane

Ans: (d)

292.  A large amount of money received unexpectedly

(a) Fortune

(b) Windfall

(c) Breakthrough

(d) Boon

Ans: (b). One Word Substitution 3

293. Stealing from the writings of others

(a) Copying

(b) Reframing

(c) Reproducing

(d) Plagiarism

Ans: (a). One Word Substitution 3

294. Which can be easily believed

(a) Credulous

(b) Creditable

(c) Trustworthy

(d) Credible

Ans: (d)

295. A person with a beautiful and elegant handwriting

(a) Calligrapher

(b) Collier

(c) Choreographer

(d) Clerk

Ans: (a)

296. Study of births, deaths, disease of a community

(a) Anthropology

(b) Geography

(c) Demography

(d) Topography

Ans: (c)

297. A place where a fierce wild animal lives

(a) Forest

(b) Stable

(c) Lair

(d) Sanctuary

Ans: (c). One Word Substitution 3

298. Medicine that lessens pain

(a) Balm

(b) Panacea

(c) Anodyne

(d) Antibiotic

Ans: (c)

299. One who takes delight inflicting cruelty in sexual activities

(a) Anarchist

(b) Sophist

(c) Sadist

(d) Nihilist

Ans: (c)

300. One who cuts precious stones

(a) Philatelist

(b) Drover

(c) Lapidist

(d) Oculist

Ans: (c) 0 0 0

One Word Substitution 3

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