Ready Guide HS 1st Yr English


Ready Guide HS 1st Yr English

Ready Guide HS 1st Yr English

Ready Guide HS 1st Yr English


Growhills Writers’ Board

Internet Edition


Ready Guide HS 1st Yr English by Growhills Writers’ Board,  Edited by Abdur Rahim, M. A. (Double) and  Published by Growhills Publishing, Internet Edition by There is no dearth of guides on HS English in the market and on the internet as Class XI English Notes, HS 1st Yr English Solutions, Assam Board Class XI Solutions in English, NCERT Solutions for Class XI etc. but ours are different in style, language and representation.

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‘Ready Guide’ is our Brand Name. The use of our brand name exactly or by adding ‘A’, ‘The’ ‘New’ or any other word to it is a punishable crime.

Editorial Board:

Abdur Rahim. M. A. (Double)

S Mahmud, M. Sc.

Banalata Nath Das, M. A.

Rafiqul Islam, M. Sc.

Ibrahim Ali M. A.

Sohrab Ali. M. A

Dr. Shah Alam 


Salient Features 

1. Our Books are written by a Board of Experienced and Especially Trained Writers.

2. Our books are unique in planning and presentation of the subject matters.

3. Our language and style are very easy to grasp and to bear in mind.

4. The arrangement of the contents of our books is very systematic.

5. Our books contain the solution of all the textual and probable questions from the examination point of view.

6. Our question-answers are to the point.

7. Our books contain no prolixity.

8. Our Ready Guide contains 100% common questions.

9. Our books are being reviewed by skilled critics and experts.

10. Our books contain the solutions of all previous exam question papers.

11. We honour, consider and execute suggestions,  criticisms, opinions, public reviews and feedback of any kind.

12. If the examinees (students) practise the question-answers given in this  Ready Guide, we ensure that they would be able to solve any question asked in the examination. 0 0 0.


Subject – English Class XI

Full Marks 100      Time: 3 Hours


Unseen Passage–Marks: 20


Writing — Marks: 20


Grammar —  Marks: 10


Text (Prose & Poetry) — Marks: 30

 Supplementary Reader — Marks: 10

Sction -E    

(i) Listening —  Marks: 05

 (ii) Speaking — Marks: 05              


(To Open Click on the topic given below)


1. The Portrait of a Lady 

2. We’re Not Afraid to Die

3. Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues

4. Landscape of the Soul

5. The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role 

6. The Browing Version

7. My Impression of Assam


1.  A Photograph – By Shirley  Toulson

2. The Laburnum Top -By Ted Hughes

3. The Voice of the Rain- By Walt Whitman

4. Childhood – By Markus Natten

5. Father to Son -Elizabeth Jennings

Supplementary Reader (Snapshots)

1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

2. The Address

3. Albert Einstein at School

5. The Ghat of the Only World

6. Birth

7. The Tale of Melon City

Reading & Writing Skill

1. Passage Comprehension

2. Letter Writing

3. Paragraph Writing

4. Note Making


1. Determiners

2. Tense 

3. Auxiliary Verbs

4. Clause


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