River Valley Projects in India


River Valley Projects in India

River Valley Projects in India

River Valley Projects in India

River Valley Projects in India 

Project  River 

Bhakra Nangal Multipurpose Project –– Sutlej

Dulhasti Project –– Chenab

Beas Project –– Beas (A tributary of Indus) 

Sharda Sahayak –– Ghagra (left bank tributary of Ghagra) 

Ramganga multipurpose –– Chuisot stream near Kalabagh  

Banasagar Project –– Son Rihand scheme Reservoir –– Rihand (a tributary of Son)

Damodar Valley Multipurpose

Project –– DamodarMayurakshi Project  –– Mayurakshi

Hirakud Multipurpose  –– Mahanadi

Poochambad Project –– Godavari

Nagarjuna Sagar –– Krishna 

Tungabhadra Multipurpose Project –– Tunghbhadra 

Ghat Prabha Project  –– Ghat Prabha

Malprabha Project  –– Malprabha 

Bhima Project –– Bhima

Mettur Projects  –– Kaveri 

Kundaah Project  –– Kundah

Chambal Project  –– Chambal 

Kakrapara Project –– Tapi

Sardar Sarovar Project –– Narmada

Tawa Project –– Tawa 

Mahi Project  –– Mahi 

Matatila Project –– Betwa. 0 0 0

River Valley Projects in India

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