Single Word Substitution 5


Single Word Substitution 5

Single Word Substitution 5

Single Word Substitution 5

Q. Choose the single word substitution of the given sentence or phrase from the options. 

401. A person who has just started learning

(a) Foreman

(b) Apprentice

(c) Accomplice

(d) Novice

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution 5

402. Indifference to pleasure or pain

(a) Docility

(b) Stoicism

(c) Patience

(d) Reticence

Ans: (b)

403. A person who makes and sells women’s hat

(a) Draper

(b) Tinker

(c) Milliner

(d) Farrier

Ans: (c).Single Word Substitution 5

404. The doctrine that human souls pass from one body to another at the time of death

(a) Transition

(b) Metamorphosis 

(c) Transmigration

(d) Extrapolation

Ans: (c)

405. Science of bodily structure

(a) Anthropology

(b) Neurology

(c) Hygiene

(d) Anatomy

Ans: (d)

406. Printed notice of somebody’s death

(a) Condolence

(b) Calumny

(c) Obituary

(d) Ouija

Ans: (c).

  • Single Word Substitution 5

407. A thing liable to be easily broken

(a) Breakable

(b) Ductile

(c) Brittle

(d) Delicate

Ans: (c)

408. To come as a settler into another country


(b) Emigrate

(c) Migrate

(d) Immigrate

Ans: (d)

409. A written declaration made on oath in the presence of a magistrate

(a) Voucher

(b) Dossier

(c) Affidavit

(a) Document

Ans: (c)

410. People in a rowdy scene

(a) Individual

(b) Discrete

(c) Congregation

(d) Rabble

Ans: (d)

411. People at a lecture or concert

(a) Congregation

(b) Audience

(c) Mob

(d) Spectators

Ans: (b)

  • Single Word Substitution 5

412. That which makes it difficult to recognise the presence of real nature of somebody or something

(a) Cover

(b) Mask

(c) Camouflage

(d) Pretence

Ans: (c)

413. The public building where weapons and ammunition are made or stored

(a) Godown

(b) Cellar

(c) Armoury

(d) Arsenal

Ans: (d)

414. A man who is having the qualities of a woman

(a) Loquacious

(b) Celibate

(c) Effeminate

(d) Epicurean

Ans: (c)

415. A person who pretends to be somebody else

(a) Imposter

(b) Liar

(c) Rogue

(d) Magician

Ans: (a)

416. A person 70 to 79 years old

(a) Nonagenarian

(b) Centenarian

(c) Octogenarian

(d) Septuagenarian

Ans: (d)

417. Fear of going to bed

(a) Clinophobia

(b) Ballistophobia

(c) Xenophobia

(d) Stenophobia

Ans: (a)

418. Bring to an end

(a) Hurl

(b) Hustle

(c) Final

(d) Finish

Ans: (d)

  • Single Word Substitution 5

419. Interested mainly in a small group, country etc.

(a) Fanatic

(b) Patriotic

(c) Insular

(d) Usurer

Ans: (c)

420. A physician who delivers babies

(a) Paediatrician

(b) Obstetrician

(c) Gynaecologist

(d) Psychiatrist

Ans: (b)

421. The period between the two reigns

(a) Interregnum

(b) Lapse

(c) Intermission

(d) Stasis

Ans: (a)

422. Property inherited from one’s father or ancestor

(a) Alimony

(b) Patrimony

(c) Inheritance

(d) Legacy

Ans: (b).Single Word Substitutio

423. A poem in short stanzas narrating a popular story

(a) Ballet

(b) Epic

(c) Ballad

(d) Sonnet

Ans: (c)

424. A word no longer in use

(a) Exotic

(b) Primitive

(c) Obsolete

(d) Ancient

Ans: (d)

425. One who eats human flesh

(a) Beast

(b) Savage

(c) Carnivorous

(d) Cannibal

Ans: (d)

426. A person who enters without any invitation

(a) Burglar

(b) Intruder

(c) Thief

(d) Vandal

Ans: (b)

427. A person who sneaks into a country using a false name with a hostile intention

(a) Infiltrator

(b) Sniper

(c) Invader

(d) Aggressor

Ans: (a)

428. One who thinks that human nature is essentially evil

(a) Agnostic

(b) Cynic

(c) Misogynist

(d) Sceptic

Ans: (b)

429. Lack of enough blood

(a) Amnesia

(b) Insomnia

(c) Anaemia

(d) Allergy

Ans: (c).Single Word Substitution 5

430. The creature having both male and female organs

(a) Homosexual

(b) Sodomite

(c) Hermaphrodite

(d) Masochist

Ans: (c)

431. Causing difficulty or hard to deal with

(a) Awkward

(b) Rustic

(c) Bumpkin

(d) Villager

Ans: (c)

432. A short journey taken as a leisure activity

(a) Hike

(b) Excursion

(c) Picnic

(d) Stroll

Ans: (b)

433. Connoisseur of choice food

(a) Gourmand

(b) Glutton

(c) Gourmet

(d) Greedy

Ans: (c)

434. The act of violating the sanctity of a church

(a) Blasphemy

(b) Sacrilege

(c) Desecration

(d) Heresy

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution

435. The caretaker of a person or a thing

(a) Dean

(b) Curator

(c) Custodian

(d) Warden

Ans: (c)

436. One who has suddenly gained new wealth, power or prestige

(a) Aristocrat

(b) Affluent

(c) Maverick

(d) Parvenu

Ans: (d)

437. A socially awkward person from the countryside (village).

(a) Philanderer

(b) Rustic

(c) Bumpkin

(d) Villager

Ans: (c)

438. A person’s first speech

(a) Preface

(b) Maiden

(c) Opener

(d) Extempore

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution

439. A person who lives a solitary life and avoids other people

(a) Venerable

(b) Sage

(c) Quietus

(d) Recluse

Ans: (d)

440. One who does not know how to save money

(a) Reckless

(b) Lavish

(c) Spendthrift

(d) Careless

Ans: (c)

441. The interval between two events or two periods of time

(a) Intermission

(b) Interlude

(c) Interpolation

(d) Appendix

Ans: (b)

442. An expert judge in matters of taste

(a) Connoisseur

(b) Glutton

(c) Gourmet

(d) Greedy

Ans: (a)

443. Giving undue favours to one’s own kith and kin

(a) Favouritism

(b) Nepotism

(c) Worldliness

(d) Corruption

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution

444. The loop of rope with a running knot used to hang a person

(a) Noose

(b) Cable

(c) Cord

(d) Chord

Ans: (a)

445. Irrational fear of crowds

(a) Ochlophobia

(b) Claustrophobia

(c) Sitophobia

(d) Astrophobia

Ans: (a)

446. A person who readily believes others

(a) Credible

(b) Credulous

(c) Sensible

(d) Sensitive

Ans: (b)

447. The thing that can be felt or touched

(a) Pandemic

(b) Palpable

(c) Panchromatic

(d) Paltry

Ans: (b)

458. A person who is very talkative

(a) Garrulous

(b) Speaker

(c) Orator

(d) Laxative

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution

449. A person who is skilled in horsemanship

(a) Cavalier

(b) Equestrian

(c) Cavalryman

(d) Jockey

Ans: (b)

450. One who talks continuously

(a) Impecunious

(b) Loquacious

(c) Avaricious

(d) Voracious

Ans: (b)

451. Explicit undertaking to do something

(a) Agreement

(b) Decision

(c) Settlement

(d) Promise

Ans: (d). Single Word Substitution

452. A book containing summarised information on all branches of knowledge

(a) Dictionary

(b) Anthology

(c) Encyclopaedia

(d) Directory

Ans: (c) 

453. To surround with armed forces

(a) Seize

(b) Attack

(c) Cease

(d) Besiege

Ans: (d)

454. Place where bankers exchange cheques and adjust balances

(a) Clearing-house

(b) Exchequer

(c) Commerce

(d) Bank

Ans: (a)

455. People in a riot

(a) Individual

(b) Separate

(c) Congregation

(d) Mob

Ans: (d). Single Word Substitution

456. A house providing accommodation for travellers

(a) Cafe

(b) Inn

(c) Restaurant

(d) Motel

Ans: (b)

457. A paper written in one’s own handwriting

(a) Manuscript

(b) Scroll

(c) Parchment

(d) Transcript

Ans: (a)

458. Forcing out (blood, etc.) from its vessel

(a) Extrapolate

(b) Extravasate

(c) Exuberate

(d) Extricate

Ans: (b)

459. Interested in and clever at many things

(a) Manicure

(b) Manifest

(c) Intelligent

(d) Versatile

Ans: (d)

460. A place of good climate for ill people

(a) Sanatorium

(b) Hospital

(c) Cemetery

(d) Asylum

Ans: (a)

461. Walk in a vain, self-important way

(a) Jog

(b) Trek

(c) Trudge

(d) Strut

Ans: (d)

462. Runaway from home with lover

(a) Ostracize

(b) Vanquish

(c) Abscond

(d) Elope

Ans: (d). Single Word Substitution

463. Murder of a new-born child

(a) Infanticide

(b) Regicide

(c) Fratricide

(d) Homicide

Ans: (a)

464. A person appointed by two parties to settle a dispute

(a) Arbiter

(b) Middleman

(c) Negotiator

(d) Mediator

Ans: (a)

465. A tumour that is not likely to spread

(a) Benign

(b) Localised

(c) Malignant

(d) Dead

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution

466. The normal abode of an animal or plant

(a) Environment

(b) Habitat

(c) Settlement

(d) Niche

Ans: (b) 

467. One who speaks or understands many languages

(a) Grammarian

(b) Scholar

(c) Linguist

(d) Polyglot

Ans: (d) 

568. An alphabetical list of words relating to a specific subject, with explanations

(a) Appendix

(b) Index

(c) Bibliography

(d) Glossary

Ans: (d)

469. The rule of a person who is tyrant

(a) Anarchy

(b) Despotism

(c) Dictatorship

(d) Tyranny

Ans: (b)

470. Room with toilet facilities

(a) Suite

(b) Deluxe

(c) Lavatory

(d) Cabin

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution

471. A group of fixed stars

(a) Congregation

(b) Cluster

(c) Constellation

(d) Galaxy

Ans: (c)

472. Incapable of being explained or accounted for

(a) Incredible

(b) Inexplicable

(c) Inexpressible

(d) Inexplicit

Ans: (b)

473. That which cannot be repaired or made good

(a) Irreplaceable (b) Irrevocable (c) Irreconcilable (d) Irreparable

Ans: (d)

474.  A form of dramatic performance consisting of dancing and acting

(a) Mask

(b) Mosque

(c) Masque

(d) Mascot

Ans: (b)

475. To remove the skin of a potato or an orange

(a) Pare

(b) Peel

(c) Stripe

(d) Shave

Ans: (b)

476. Land so surrounded by water as to be almost an island

(a) Archipelago

(b) Isthmus

(c) Peninsula

(d) Lagoon

Ans: (c)

477. That which can be carried

(a) Handy

(b) Portable

(c) Potable

(d) Bearable

Ans: (b)

478. A rough and bad-mannered person

(a) Boor

(b) Oaf

(c) Lout

(d) Yokel

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution

479. A statement that cannot be understood

(a)  Inexplicable

(b) Illegible

(c) Incomprehensible

(d) Infallible

Ans: (c)

480. To talk without respect for something sacred or holy

(a) Blasphemy

(b) Obscenity

(c) Rudeness

(d) Vulgarity

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution

481. That which is perceptible by touch 

(a) Contingent

(b) Tenacious

(c) Contagious

(d) Tangible

Ans: (d)

482. The plants and vegetation of a region

(a) Environment

(b) Fauna

(c) Landscape

(d) Flora

Ans: (d)

483. A perception without objective reality

(a) Hallucination

(b) Illusion

(c) Dyspepsia

(d) Allusion

Ans: (a)

484. Something which can be taken for granted

(a) Doctrine

(b) Maxim

(c) Tenet

(d) Postulate

Ans: (d)

485. A violent and bad-tempered woman

(a) Prostitute

(b) Concubine

(c) Virago

(d) Amazon

Ans: (c)

486. Open rebellion of soldiers and sailors against lawful authority

(a) Revolution

(b) Revolt 

(c) Mutiny

(d) Anarchy

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution

487. Words used in ancient times but no longer in general use now

(a) Extinct

(b) Current

(c) Modern

(d) Archaic

Ans: (d)

488. To congratulate someone in a formal manner

(a) Wish

(b) Solemnize

(c) Celebrate

(d) Felicitate

Ans: (d). Single Word Substitution

489. Seat on elephant’s back

(a) Saddle

(b) Howdah

(c) Lounge

(d) Hoof

Ans: (b)

490. A verse letter

(a) Epistle

(b) Epitaph

(c) Pantomime

(d) Lay

Ans: (a)

491. A person interested in reading books and nothing else

(a) Student

(b) Bookworm

(c) Book-keeper

(d) Scholar

Ans: (b)

492. A school for infants and young children

(a) Kindergarten

(b) Nursery

(c) Infantile

(d) School

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution

493. The mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with an amusing effect

(a) Onomatopoeia

(b) Malapropism

(c) Neologism

(d) Pun

Ans: (b)

494. A complex of buildings containing a number of individually owned apartments /Joint sovereignty exercised over the country by two or more countries

(a) Condominium

(b) Colonialism

(c) Pandemonium

(d) Entente

Ans: (a)

495. Deviation or departure from common rule or standard

(a) Heterogeneity

(b) Anomaly

(c) Unanimity

(d) Anonymity

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution

496. One who eats everything

(a) Omnipotent

(b) Omnivorous

(c) Omniscient

(d) Insolvent

Ans: (b)

497. A place adjoining kitchen, for washing dishes etc.

(a) Cellar

(b) Wardrobe

(c) Scullery

(d) Pantry

Ans: (c)

498. A person who is bad in spelling

(a) Calligraphist

(b) Pedant

(c) Cacographist

(d) Linguist

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution

499. One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen

(a) Alien

(b) Native

(c) Primitive

(d) Prodigal

Ans: (a) Single Word Substitution

500. A sea abounding in islands /A sea having many islands.

(a) Archipelago

(b) Strait

(c) Ocean

(d) Gulf

Ans: (a) 0 0 0

Single Word Substitution 5

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