Single Word Substitution 6


Single Word Substitution 6

Single Word Substitution 6

Single Word Substitution 6

Single Word Substitution 6

Q. Choose the single-word substitution of the given sentence or phrase from the options. 

501. A public declaration of policy and aims of a political party

(a) Manifesto

(b) Agenda

(c) Report

(d) Circular

Ans: (a)

502. A tube filled at one end with mirrors and pieces of coloured glass which shows many coloured patterns when turned

(a) Kaleidoscope

(b) Periscope

(c) Microscope

(d) Gyroscope

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution 6

503. A book or picture produced merely to bring in money

(a) Pot-hook

(b) Potboiler

(c) Money-spinner

(d) Blue-bird

Ans: (b)

504. A ride on someone else’s back or shoulders

(a) Hunchback

(b) Piggyback

(c) Kickback

(d) Cuddle

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution 6

505. Incapable of being wounded

(a) Invulnerable

(b) Invincible

(c) Impregnable

(d) Infallible

Ans: (a)

506. To walk in a leisurely way

(a) Jog

(b) Stroll

(c) Promenade

(d) Gallop

Ans: (b)

507. A story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth

(a) Didactic

(b) Parable

(c) Paragon

(d) Paradigm

Ans: (a). Single Word Substitution 6

508. The stage between boyhood and youth

(a) Adolescence

(b) Puberty

(c) Infancy

(d) Maturity

Ans: (a)

509. Part-song for several voices 

(a) Ballad

(b) Madrigal

(c) Panegyric

(d) Limerick

Ans: (b)

510. That which cannot be done without

(a) Impracticable

(b) Irrevocable

(c) Indispensable

(d) Impossible

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

511. That which cannot be understood

(a) Unintelligible

(b) Illegible

(c) Undecipherable

(d) Unknown

Ans: (a)

512. Elderly woman in charge of a girl

(a) Spinster

(b) Matron

(c) Chaperon

(d) Chandler

Ans: (c)

513. One who draws maps and charts

(a) Lexicographer

(b) Graphologist

(c) Cartographer

(d) Mapper

Ans: (c)

514. To make a quick and short twisting movement

(a) Swagger

(b) Stumble

(c) Wriggle

(d) Crawl

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

515. A person who is property of another and bound to serve him 

(a) Bondsman

(b) Slave

(c) Servant

(d) Servant

Ans: (b)

516. A story that can hardly be believed

(a) Fictitious

(b) Imaginary

(c) Concocted

(d) Incredible

Ans: (d). Single Word Substitution 6

517. A person who is more interested in himself rather than anything that is going on around him

(a) Egoist

(b) Extrovert

(c) Introvert

(d) Eccentric

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

518. A person who betrays a friend

(a) Traitor

(b) Cheat

(c) Hypocrite

(d) Disloyal

Ans: (a)

519. Exaggeraged or aggressive patriotism

(a) Communism

(b) Imperialism

(c) Chauvinism

(d) Patriotism

Ans: (c)

520. Word for word reproduction

(a) Copying

(b) Mugging

(c) Verbatim

(d) Photostat

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

521. Anything which destroys the effect of poison

(a) Serum

(b) Antiseptic

(c) Seromycin

(d) Antidote

Ans: (d)

522. Madness of thinking oneself to be a very important person

(a) Megalomania

(b) Paroxysm

(c) Insanity

(d) Braggart

Ans: (a)

523. A person who collects coins and money 

(a) Philatelist

(b) Narcissist

(c) Numismatist

(d) Fatalist

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

524. A song of lamentation sung at a burial

(a) Elegy

(b) Ode

(c) Dirge

(d) Ballad

Ans: (c)

525. Spending a long time cutting all the waste paper into pieces.

(a) Slashing

(b) Ripping

(c) Shredding

(d) Disposing

Ans: (c)

526. Impossible to achieve

(a) Contemplative

(b) Meditative

(c) Chimerical

(d) Fantastic

Ans: (c)

527. A soldier who fights for sake of money

(a) Equestrian

(b) Honorary

(c) Mercenary

(d) Sinecure

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

528. A clean and well-ventilated cowshed

(a) Hutch

(b) Byre

(c) Hangar

(d) Kennel

Ans: (b)

529. One who is very careful and particular about everything he does

(a) Conscientious

(b) Careless

(c) Meticulous

(d) Precise

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

530. Existing or occurring under the earth’s surface

(a) Superfluous

(b) Surreptitious

(c) Perspicacious

(d) Subterranean

Ans: (d)

531. Nation or  person engaged in war

(a) Courageous

(b) Belligerent

(c) Imperialist

(d) Bellicose

Ans: (b)

532. A man employed to look after the horses of people staying at an inn

(a) Butler

(b) Ostler

(c) Imposter

(d) Jockey

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution 6

533. A form of social organization in which all are equal in social position and responsibility.

(a) Democracy

(b) Bureaucracy

(c) Plutocracy

(d) Pantisocracy

Ans: (d)

534. Tending to avoid commitment

(a) Vague

(b) Evasive

(c) Ambiguous

(d) Complex

Ans: (b)

335.  an optical instrument used for viewing very small objects,  typically magnified several hundred times.

(a) Telescope

(b) Binoculars

(c) Microscope

(d) Bioscope

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

536. Virus which lives on another organism

(a) Dependant

(b) Parasite

(c) Symbiotic

(d) Plebiscite

Ans: (b)

537. The medicine that gives back to the users, their youthful vigour and appearance.

(a) Rejuvenate

(b) Restore

(c) Replenish

(d) Render

Ans: (a)

538. A lengthy and aggressive speech

(a) Erudition

(b) Malevolence

(c) Harangue

(d) Magniloquence

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

539. First speech delivered

(a) Matin

(b) Peroration

(c) Maiden

(d) Platitude

Ans: (c)

540. Looking forward

(a) Encoure

(b) Get

(c) Hope

(d) Predict

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

541. Travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.

(a) Travel

(b) Run

(c) Shuttle

(d) Commute

Ans: (d)

542. Counterfeit certificates and documents

(a) Stoicism

(b) Pugnacity

(c) Epitaph

(d) Forgery

Ans: (d)

543. Who pass without permission

(a) Bypassers

(b) Trespassers

(c) Absconders

(d) Culprits

Ans: (d)

544. Morning prayer in the church.

(a) Epilogue

(b) Matin

(c) Epitaph

(d) Vesper

Ans: (b). Single Word Substitution 6

545. Fluent and persuasive speech

(a) Discourse

(b) Expression

(c) Eloquence

(d) Lecture

Ans: (c)

546. A lady’s purse

(a) Reticule

(b) Parasol

(c) Vestibule

(d) Veil

Ans: (a)

547.  A  two-wheeled horse-drawn cab accommodating two inside, with the driver seated behind.

(a) Carriage

(b) Wagon

(c) Locomotive

(d) Hansom

Ans: (d)

548. Prevention of wasteful use of a resource

(a) Embarkment

(b) Promotion

(c) Conservation

(d) Management

Ans: (c). Single Word Substitution 6

549. A list of goods with their prices along with the parcel so that the payment can be done immediately.

(a) Agenda

(b) Invoice

(c) Catalogue

(d) Inventory

Ans: (b)

550. Study of environment

(a) Geography

(b) Ethnology

(c) Geology

(d) Ecology

Ans: (d) 0 0 0

Single Word Substitution 6

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