The Ghat of the Only World | Question Solutions


The Ghat of the Only World | Question Solutions

The Ghat of the Only World 

The Ghat of the Only World  Question Solutions

The Ghat of the Only World Question Solutions

– Amitav Ghosh

The Ghat of the Only World  Question Solutions


Q.1. What impression of Shahid do you gather from the piece?

Ans: ‘The Ghat of the Only World’ is a biographical piece of writing written by Amitav Ghosh. In this biographical essay, the author gave an account of a poet and educationalist by the name of Shahid. We gather the following impression of Shahid from the piece of writing.

Shahid was a teacher by profession. He was born in Kashmir, India but migrated to the USA. He taught in some universities of America. He was a good poet also. He wrote in English and published a collection of poems under the title of ‘The Country Without a Post Office’. This book impacted the mind of the author of the essay. Shahid was a man of hospitality, gay mood and he had love for nature. During the last phase of his life, he suffered from deadly cancer. He was very fond of the songs of Roshanara Begum and Kishore Kumar. He enjoyed the company of the author and he got his friends, writers, students gathered at his house in America.  Though he lived abroad he loved India very much and pined for the violent activities in Kashmir. In spite of his illness, he remained calm and quiet all the time and requested the author to write about him after his death. He was by faith a Muslim but he was secular-minded and built a temple at his Kashmir house. After all, he was a man of a strong personality.

Q.2. How do Shahid and the writer react to the knowledge that Shahid is going to die?

Ans: Shaid and the writer Amitav Ghosh had been good friends for a long time. During the last years of his life, Shahid suffered from malignant cancer. But he did not let his friend know it till 2001. Shahid had been under treatment for fourteen months. He suffered from occasional lapses of memory. He also lost his eye-sight. But he seemed to remain calm and quiet all the time.  When the writer heard of Shahid’s disease then he became bewildered to respond to him. However, he consoled him by saying that he would be fine soon. But Shahid ignored his consolation and began to laugh. He never seemed to get worried at all. Despite his knowledge of deadly cancer, he enjoyed life fully. Eventually, he died on 8 December 2002 in calm and peace. However, the writer was sad to lose his friend.

Q.3. Look up the dictionary for the meaning of the word ‘diaspora’. What do you understand of the Indian diaspora from this piece?

Ans: The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘diaspora’ as the movement of people from a country to other countries with the intention of living there. Originally the word meant the dispersion of the Jewish people from their homeland i.e. Egypt to Palestine.

From the piece of writing ‘The Ghat of the Only World’ we know about the Indian diaspora. During the last century, many Indians have left India and settled in large numbers in other countries like the USA, Canada, Britain and some other countries. Most of them have left India for economic reasons. Agha Shahid Khan and the writer Amitav Ghosh had also left India for the USA in search of better ways of life. But though they left India yet they bore great passion for their motherland. Shahid was very anxious about the violence prevalent in Kashmir. He even wished to die in his motherland. 0 0 0.

The Ghat of the Only World  Question Solutions

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