Gross National Happiness Ranking

Gross National Happiness Ranking

Gross National Happiness Ranking

Gross National Happiness Ranking

Gross National Happiness Ranking

Ranking—-Country—- HPI 

1. Vanauatu—–68.21 

2. Colombia—–67.24 

3. Costa Rica—–66.00 


5. Panama—–63.54 


7. Hondrus—–61.75 

8. Guatemala—–61.69 

9.El Salvador—–61.66 

10.St. Vinmcent  61.37 


India is the 90th happiest country in the world, behind Bhutan (13), China (31), Sri Lanka (13) and Bangladesh (41). It is ahead of Pakistan (112) and Russia (172). 

Seven of the top 10 happiest countries are from western democracies. while countries in Asia, known for their strong cultural values, family ties and collective identities surprisingly scored low-China(3), Japan ((95) and Thailand (32). 0 0 0

Gross National Happiness Ranking

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