Our School | Our School Essay


Our School | Our School Essay

Our School

Our School


Our school is a cool place where we go to learn, play, and be with our friends. The name of our school is Growhills Academy. It is situated in the village of Kamalpur, Barpeta.


Our school is a big building with classrooms, a playground, a library, and a place to eat. It’s like a big, colorful puzzle with lots of pieces that make it special.


Inside our school, we have special rooms for learning. These rooms have desks and boards where our teachers teach us new things. We sit with our friends and learn together.


The playground is like a big adventure land! There are slides, swings, and lots of space to run and play games. It’s where we have fun during breaks with our friends.


The library is like a magical place filled with books. We can take these books home or read them in the library. It’s quiet and peaceful, perfect for reading and discovering amazing stories.


Our school is a special place where we learn, have fun, and grow together. We make friends, learn new things, and have lots of adventures. We love our school, and it’s a place where happiness and learning come together every day! 0 0 0.

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