The Bond of Love | Question Solutions


The Bond of Love | Question Solutions

The Bond of Love Question Solutions

The Bond of Love Question Solutions

-Kenneth Anderson



Thinking about the Text.


  1. Given in the box are some headings. Find the relevant paragraphs in the text to match the headings.

An Orphaned cub;   

Bruno’s Food-chart; 

An Accidental Case of poisoning; 

play Baba; Pain of separation;

 Joy of Reunion; 

A request to the Zoo;

An Island in the courtyard


(i) An orphaned cub—Para-4

(ii) Bruno’s Food Chart—para-6,

(ii)An Accidental case of poisoning—Para-8

(iv)playful Baba—para-12

(v)Pain of separation—para-14

(vi) Joy of Reunion—para- 17

(vii) A request to the zoo—para- 17,18

(viii) An Island in the courtyard—para-21,22,23

  1. Answer the following questions:

“ I got him for her by accident”

(i) Who says this?

(ii) Who do ‘him’ and ‘her’ refer to?

(iii) What is the incident referred to here?

Ans: (i) Kenneth Anderson, the author of the essay “A Bond of Love”  says this.

(ii) ‘ Him’ refers to Bruno, the orphaned bear. ‘ Her’ refers to the writer’s wife.

(iii) The incident referred to here is the catching of a baby bear in the sugarcane field.

  1. “ He stood on his bear a delight.”

(i) Who does ‘he’ refers to?

(ii) Why was he delighted?

Ans. (i) ‘ He’ refers to the baby bear.

(ii) He was delighted to see the author’s wife after a long time.

  1. “We all missed him greatly, but in sense we were relieved.”

(i) Who does ‘we all’ stand for?

(ii) Who did they miss?

(iii) Why did they nevertheless feel relieved?

Ans: (i) “ We all” stands for the writer, his wife, his son and friends.

(ii) They missed Bruno (Baba), the tame bear.

(iii) They felt relieved because it was very difficult to keep a baby bear at home.

III. Answer the following questions in 30-40 words each.

Q.1. On two occasions Bruno ate/ drank something that should not be eaten/ drunk. What happened to him on these occasions?

Ans. On the first occasion, Bruno ate barium carbonate which was put to kill rats and mice. The poison affected the bear badly but fortunately, it was cured by a veterinary doctor applying two hypodermic injections of antidotes.

On the second occasion, he drank a gallon of engine oil. This time he escaped without any harm.

Q.2. Was Bruno a loving and playful pet? Why, then, did he have to be sent away?

Ans. Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet.  Out of love for him, the author’s wife changed his name from Bruno to Baba.

Yet the bear was sent away because it had grown too big to be kept at home.

Q.3. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved?

Ans. After the request of the author’s wife, the superintendent of the zoo consented to return the bear and finally Bruno was brought back to the author’s home. An island with a six feet wide and seven feet deep trench was dug and Bruno was released there.

Thus the problem was finally solved.

Thinking about the language:

  1. Find these words in the lesson. They all have ie or ei in them.

f…ld,  ingred…..nts, h….ght, misch……vous, fr…nds,   …..ghty-seven, rel…ved, p…ce.

Ans. field, ingredients, height, mischievous, friends,  eighty-seven, relieved, piece.

  1. Now here are some more words. Complete them with ei or ie. Consult a dictionary if necessary.

bel…ve, rec…ve, w….rd, l…sure, s…ze, w…ght, r…gn, g…ef, p..rce.

Ans. believed, received, weird, leisure, seize, weight, reign, grief, pierce.

  1. Adverbs

Find the adverbs of the passage below.

We thought that ………..the bear on the spot.

(i) Complete the following sentences, using a suitable adverb ending in – ly

(a) Ram does her work…………..

(b) It rains ………… in Mumbai in June.

(c) He does his work …………….

(d) The dog serves his master………….

Ans. a) properly, b) heavily, c) sincerely, d) faithfully

(ii) Choose the most suitable adverbs or adverbial phrases and complete the following sentences

(a) We should……………..get down from a moving train. (never, sometimes, often)

(b) I was ………in need of support after my poor performance. (badly, occasionally, sometimes)

(c) Rita met with an accident. The doctor examined her……….. (suddenly, seriously, immediately)

Ans. a) never, b) badly, c) immediately


Q.1. Who is Bruno?

Ans. Bruno is the pet sloth bear of the writer’s wife. She called it Baba.

Q.2. How did the writer get Bruno?

Ans. The writer got Bruno by accident.

Q.3. Why would not the writer shoot a sloth bear?

Ans. The writer would not shoot a sloth bear for no good reason.

Q.4. Where was the baby bear when its mother was shot dead?

Ans. The baby bear was riding on the back of its mother.

Q.5. How was the baby bear brought to Bangalore?

Ans. The baby bear was put in a gunny bag and brought to Bangalore.

Q.6. What name was given to the baby bear and why?

Ans. The baby bear was named Bruno as it was a male one. The wife of the author called it Baba.

Q.7. Who christened the baby bear?

Ans. The writer’s wife christened the baby bear.

Q.8. Who is Baba?

Ans. Baba is the changed name of Bruno.

Q.9. Give the meaning of Baba?

Ans. Baba is a Hindustani word that means ‘ a small boy’.

Q.10. Who has changed the name of Bruno to Baba?

Ans. The author’s wife changed the name of Bruno to Baba.

Q.11. Why was the island made?

Ans. The island was made to settle the sloth bear (Baba) there.

Q.12. What is the name of the poison that Bruno ate?

Ans. The name of the poison that Bruno ate was barium carbonate.  0 0 0.

The Bond of Love Question Solutions

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