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The Browning Version | Question Solutions

The Browning Version | Question Solutions

The Browning Version | Question Solutions

The Browning Version Question Solutions

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The Browning Version | Question Solutions


Understanding the Text

Q.1. Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris.

Ans: Taplow was a student and Mr Crocker-Harris was his teacher. Harris was a strict disciplinarian and a very dutiful person. Once Taplow missed school and as a punishment, Mr. Harris gave him an extra work to do when the other children had left the school. Then Taplow expressed his feeling to another teacher, Mr. Frank who was totally opposite in nature to Mr Harris. Taplow said that Mr. Harris was pleased to hurt others. He is devoid of any feelings and was not happy to be liked by people. Besides this, he never disclosed the result to the students beforehand as was done by the other teachers. He neither favoured nor harmed any students.

In spite of his grudge against Crocker, Taplow did not dislike the teacher. He was not willing to leave without the teacher’s consent. Eventually, Taplow understood the teacher’s sense of duty and adherence to principles and so he respected Mr. Harris.

Q.2. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris?

Ans: Frank is a young teacher who is envious of Mr. Crocker-Harris, a middle-aged man. He is a strict disciplinarian and likes to adhere to rules. He neither favours nor harms his students. In spite of his strict attitude towards his students, everybody likes him. On the other hand, Mr. Frank is very envious of him. So he encourages Taplow to comment disfavourably against Harris. This has been proved by the fact that he asks Taplow to imitate Mr. Harris. Mr. Frank even suggests Taplow to go away from school as Mr. Harris is late in his arrival. In this way Mr. Frank tries to make Taplow comment disrespectfully against Mr. Harris.  But Taplow makes no disrespectful comment on Mr. Harris except making some comment humorously.

Q.3. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?

Ans: Croocker-Harris is a school teacher in the school where Taplow was a student.  He is a middle-aged person. He likes discipline and sticks to rules and principles. He does not like to indulge in laxity in treating his students. He neither favours nor harms anybody. He makes Taplow do extra work to compensate for the loss that he incurred during his absence. He never discloses the result to the students beforehand as generally done by other teachers. Harris tells Tapow that he will give him whatever he deserves- neither less nor more. Because of his uncompromising nature, all the students are afraid of him. According to Taplow, he is all shrivelled up inside like a nut. In spite of his rigid nature, most students respect him.


Q.1. Why is Taplow given extra work on the last day of the school?

Ans: Taplow was given extra work as compensation for the loss that he made because of his illness. Mr. Harris was a strict disciplinarian and did not like to show special favour to anybody ignoring the rules of the Institue. So he imposed extra work on Taplow.

Q.2. Why was Frank envious of Mr. Harris?

Ans: Mr. Crocker-Harris and Mr. Frank both were the teachers of the same school. Harris was a middle-aged man and Frank was young. Harris was a strict disciplinarian and hardworking man. For his wholehearted commitment to his duty, everybody liked and respected him. On the other hand, Frank was liberal in matters of maintaining discipline. He was a science teacher but he did not like his subject. Because of his light and liberal behaviour he was less respected than what was received by Harris from the students. That is why Frank became envious of Mr. Harris.

Q.3. Where was Taplow sent by Millie? Why was he sent there?

Ans: Taplow was waiting for Harris. But Millie, the wife of Mr. Harris told him that Mr. Harris had gone to Bursar and he would be late in returning. By saying so, she wished to mean that Taplow should not wait till the arrival of Mr. Harris. But Taplow did not leave the school being afraid of Harris. Then Millie sent him to the chemist with a prescription so that Mr. Harris would not be able to blame him.

Q.4. Why does Taplow say that Mr. Crocker-Harris is not a sadist?

Ans: A sadist is a person who derives pleasure by inflicting punishment on others. Mr. Harris neither showed favour nor harmed anybody. But he was a strict disciplinarian and hardworking man. He never excused anyone including his students for lapses. He never inflicted any sufferance or punishment to anybody but he wanted all to maintain discipline. So Mr. Crocker Harris may be called a strict disciplinarian, not a sadist.

Q.5. What was Mr. Harris’ reply to Taplow’s enquiry about his result?

Ans: Taplow was very anxious to know his result beforehand. But Mr. Harris did not disclose his result and instead, he replied that he would be given what Taplow exactly deserved. He would be given neither less nor more than he deserved after his ability.

Q.6. Why was Taplow worried about his removal?

Ans: Taplow was a student of a lower standard. He was worried about his removal or promotion because unless promoted he would not be able to study science as he was eager to read. 0 0 0.

The Browning Version | Question Solutions

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