Corona Virus Crisis in Assam


Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is an infectious disease due to the newly risen coronavirus. It was born in China in 2018 and since then it is spreading all over the world. It also made its way to India in 2020 and soon spread with a little trend in all the states of India. Assam is not lagging behind. As the effect of the virus, the everyday life of Assam has stopped. The Assam government has taken some measures to obstruct its spread. Apart from these, the government has started some schemes and programs in terms of coronavirus for the people of Assam as stated below:

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Plans and Programs

On 27th April, Chief Minister Sarbanand Sonowal announced the life insurance cover of Rs 50 lakh to journalists. The state government also ensured to provide free COVID-19 tests for them. The government is also thinking of giving Rs. 2000/ to those who are not coming back to the state during the lockdown. The government also gave Rs. 2000 in two installments to Assamese people stranded abroad. The government has granted Rs 25000 to each cancer, kidney and heart patient.  In these challenging times, to support Public Artists / Public Silpis of Assam, the government has decided to provide Rs. 2000 for each folk artist for 3 months.

CM also ordered all overseas workers who returned to the state from different parts of the country some monetary relief. The government is going to give free grains for 3 months to the migrant workers returning to the state. Apart from this, the state government has enhanced the wage of workers from Rs 182 to Rs. 200 to provide relief to migrant workers. The Assam government decided to provide 5 kg of rice per month to all poor families who do not have a ration card.

The government has also launched a plan called Dhanvanthary to create domestic delivery of locally unavailable medicines among lockdown-restricted regions but later limited to quarantine people due to rest in lockdown rules.

Lockdown 0.3

During Lockdown 0.3, the Assam government prohibited people over 65 years and except for medical reasons, children below 12 years to get out of their homes. Women employees are also barred by the government in private and public areas with children under 5 years.  Apart from this, the government has put a curfew in all areas from 6 o’clock in the state and all movements have been restricted except medical services, fire services and some others during this period.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Community Monitoring Programs

Assam Government also deployed 1,000 medical teams, including doctors, nurses, medical staff and health workers, who were deployed to investigate 25,000 villages for seasonal fever and Covid-19. The government also deployed workers and MPW for monitoring home quarantine patients. In an attempt to understand the spread of novel coronavirus in Assam, a non-governmental organization has started the first serious survey in the state.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Covid-19 Consulting Centers

In order to level the growing curve of Covid-19 in Guwahati city, a consultation centre has been set up in every ward of the city. Overall 33 such centres have been included in GMCH and MMHH. The Center will provide voluntary tests for people and immediate test results. These will work from all centre schools and will have ambulances, doctors, nurses and paramedics with lab technicians. On July 27, the government established 60 Covid-19 screening centres in Guwahati.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Lockdown Extensions

In view of the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in several parts of Guwahati, the government put 14 days lockdown in 11 wards of Guwahati. It covers the areas such as  Kamakhya, Maligaon, Fatasil, Panazar and Fancy Bazar. The order has strictly restricted the movement of individuals in those wards with the suspension of all activities. However, the government allowed grocery stores, petrol pumps, medical shops etc. to be opened from 10 pm to 5 pm. The government warned people strictly to follow the lockdown norms; otherwise, legal action will be taken against those violations under section 188.

On June 26, the government announced a full lockdown in Guwahati by July 28, and the number of Covid-19 cases increased rapidly in the city. On July 11, the government announced another extension of lockdown till July 1.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Weekend Lockdown

The government also applied the weekend Lockdown from June 27 in all city committees and municipalities throughout Assam. Lockdown will be applied every week on Saturday and Sunday.

Apart from Lockdown, the government also carved a curfew from 7 pm to 7 pm.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam


The Government has brought 39 students, who were trapped in Kota, Rajasthan. All students have been kept under quarantine for 14 days. With the help of the Gujarat Government, 104 students of Assam were also brought to the state.

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

Legal Actions

The government warned people that they do not violate the quarantine rules, otherwise, a criminal case of non-bailable offense will be filed against those violations. Assam Government has made it compulsory to wear public masks and strongly warned people that they will suffer a penalty of Rs  500 if violate the quarantine rules. By 2 June, 3,444 cases have been registered, 4,609 people have been arrested, and 30,256 vehicles have been seized.

Assam Government makes it compulsory for 14 days for people coming out of the state or country. The 700-bed quarantine centre was set up in the Sarasojai Sports Complex and an apartment was rented by the government where at least 200 doctors can live. An isolation ward of 200 beds in Sonapur Hospital, an ICU ward of 30 beds in GMCH, 150 beds in MMCH, and 50 beds in JMH was established by Assam Government.

On April 15, the government imported 50,000 PPE kits from China and became the first and only state which has freely imported kits from China.

To show gratitude to the Frontline warriors of Covid-19, the state government provided 14 days of quarantine for all doctors and nurses working during the clock participating in Covid-19-positive patients at Taj Vivanta 5-star hotel. On 2 June, the government also recruited 3000 nurses in GMCH on a regular basis to strengthen the nursing workforce in the fight against the growing number of Covid-19 cases in Guwahati. 0 0 0

Corona Virus Crisis in Assam

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