MCQ on One Word Substitution


MCQ on One Word Substitution

MCQ on One Word Substitution

MCQ on One Word Substitution

MCQ on One Word Substitution

Q. Choose the single-word substitution of the given sentence or phrase from the options. 

1. One who entertains his guest well

(a) Inhospitable

(b) Incognito

(c) Parasitic

(d) Hospitable

Ans: (d)

2. Place where birds are kept

(a) Zoo

(b) Apiary

(c) Armoury

(d) Aviary

Ans: (d)

3. That which is contrary to law

(a) Legal

(b) Legacy

(c) Illegal

(d) Imminent

Ans: (c). MCQ on One Word Substitution

4. More than enough in amount or capacity

(a) Derisory

(b) Ample

(c) Inadequate

(d) Liberal

Ans: (b)

5. A place to bury dead bodies:

(a) Catacomb

(b) Crypt

(c) Cemetery

(d) Sepulcher

Ans: (c)

6. Living for years and years

(a) Perennial

(b) Permanent

(c) Annual

(d) Continuous

Ans: (a) . MCQ on One Word Substitution

7. Of unknown authorship:

(a) Incognito

(b) Unidentified

(c) Anonymous

(d) Pseudo

Ans: (c)

8. That which cannot be attacked or taken by force

(a) Pregnable

(b) Impregnable

(c) Autopay

(d) Anarchy

Ans: (b)

9. The absence of government:

(a) Misrule

(b) Unruly

(c) Anarchy

(d) Chaos

Ans: (c) 

10. A broad road bordered with trees

(a) Boudoir

(b) Avenue

(c) Boulevard

(d) Facade

Ans: (a). MCQ on One Word Substitution

11. A trite, stereotyped expression:

(a) Cliche

(b) Proverb

(c) Idiom

(d) Buzzword

Ans: (a)

12. One who travels from place to place

(a) Itinerant

(b) Mendicant

(c) Journeyman

(d) Tramp

Ans: (a) 

13. One who is unable to read or write

(a) Genius

(b) Illiterate

(c) Palisade

(d) Pulverize

Ans: (b)

14. A part of a word that can be pronounced separately

(a) Particle

(b) Sibilant

(c) Syllable

(d) Letter

Ans: (c)

15. The killing of one man by another man

(a) Suicide

(b) Homicide

(c) Fillicide

(d) Insecticide

Ans: (b)

16. A hundred-year-old man:

(a) Century

(b) Centurion

(c) Cent

(d) Centenarian

Ans: (d)

17. A substance in the blood tending to neutralize matter that is harmful:

(a) Antidote

(b) Antibiotic

(c) Antiseptic

(d) Antibody

Ans: (d). MCQ on One Word Substitution

18. One who has exaggerated anxiety about one’s health

(a) Pediatric

(b) Verbatim

(c) Hypochondriac

(d) Petrify

Ans: (c)

19. A person who is skilled in horsemanship

(a) Cavalier

(b) Equestrian

(c) Jockey

(d) Cavalryman

Ans: (b). MCQ on One Word Substitution

20. The mistake of placing something in the wrong period of time:

(a) Anachronism

(b) Misdate

(c) Misplacement

(d) Prolepsis

Ans: (a

21. A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure

(a) Cyclone

(b) Tornado

(c) Typhoon

(d) Hurricane

Ans: (a)

22. A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose 

(a) Rhinology

(b) Otologist

(c) Pathologist

(d) Podiatrist

Ans: (a)

23. One who lacks knowledge

(a) Intelligent

(b) Ignorant

(c) Credulous

(d) Colleague

Ans: (b). MCQ on One Word Substitution

24. The yearly return of a date:

(a) Birthday

(b) Recurrence

(c) Anniversary

(d) Ceremony

Ans: (c). MCQ on One Word Substitution

25. One who cannot be changed or reformed

(a) Invulnerable

(b) Hardened

(c) Incurable

(d) Incorrigible

Ans: (d)

26. The cessation of warfare before signing a treaty:

(a) Armistice

(b) Truce

(c) Ceasefire

(d) Suspension

Ans: (a) 

27. An office for which no salary is paid

(a) Hospitable

(b) Free

(c) Honorary

(d) Gratis

Ans: (c). MCQ on One Word Substitution

28. A handwriting that cannot be easily read

(a) Illegible

(b) Legible

(c) Lucid

(d) Edible

Ans: (a)

29. One who comes to settle in a country

(a) Tourist

(b) Emigrant

(c) Immigrant

(d) Visitor

Ans: (c)

30. One who is habitually good to others:

(a) Humanitarian

(b) Altruist

(c) Angel

(d) Helper

Ans: (b). MCQ on One Word Substitution

31. A place where a person lives permanently

(a) Resident

(b) Native

(c) Domicile

(d) Subject

Ans:  (c)

32. Give and receive mutually

(a) Compromise

(b) Approve

(c) Reciprocate

(d) Present

Ans: (c)

33. Customs and habits of a particular group or society

(a) Rites

(b) Rituals

(c) Traditions

(d) Mores

Ans: (d)

34. To move back and forth or sideways

(a) Traverse

(b) Sojourn

(c) Breather

(d) Tarriance

Ans: (a)

35. One who walks in sleep

(a) Somnambulist

(b) Altruist

(c) Somniloquist

(d) Egoist

Ans: (a). MCQ on One Word Substitution

36. A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner as to cause laughter

(a) Cartography

(b) Caricature

(c) Cacography

(d) Cartoon

Ans: (b)

37. Mania for stealing articles

(a) Hypomania

(b) Logomania

(c) Kleptomania

(d) Stelomania

Ans: (c)

38. One who loves mankind is called

(a) Philanthropist

(b) Optimist

(c) Optometrist

(d) Truant

Ans: (a)

39. A Government run by a dictator is termed as

(a) Autocracy

(b) Democracy

(c) Oligarcy

(d) Theocracy

Ans: (a). MCQ on One Word Substitution

40. A remedy for all diseases is

(a) Medicine

(b) Medical

(c) Medica

(d) Panacea

Ans: (d). MCQ on One Word Substitution

41. A person with a strong desire to steal.

(a) Kleptomania

(b) Losmomania

(c) Melanomania

(d) Nelomania

Ans: (a)

42. Something capable of being done

(a) tenable

(b) Explicable

(c) Feasible

(d) Probable

Ans: (c)

43. Government by a king

(a) aristocracy

(b) oligarchy

(c) monarchy

(d) autocracy

Ans: (c)

44. The study of insects

(a) Etymology

(b) Entomology

(c) Zoology

(d) Biology

Ans: (b)

45. A place where money is coined

(a) Mint

(b) Firm

(c) Parliament

(d) Bank

Ans: (a)

46. Unwelcome aspect of a situation

(a) flip side

(b) flip-flop

(c) flint-lock

(d) flippant

Ans: (a)

47. A person highly skilled in music

(a) Novice

(b) Virtuoso

(c) Dabbler

(d) Amateur

Ans: (b). MCQ on One Word Substitution

48. A perception without objective reality

(a) Illusion

(b) Cynicism

(c) Hallucination

(d) Optimism

Ans: (c)

49. Clues available at a scene

(a) Inferential

(b) Suggestive

(c) Circumstantial

(d) Derivative

Ans: (c)

50. Code of diplomatic etiquette and procedure

(a) Hierarchy

(b) Protocol

(c) Statesmanship

(d) Diplomacy

Ans: (b)

51. A person who helps another to commit a crime

(a) accomplice

(b) assistant

(c) supporter

(d) colleague

Ans: (a)

52. Hobson’s choice

(a) unique choice

(b) no choice at all

(c) big choice

(d) choice to live or die

Ans: (b). MCQ on One Word Substitution

53. A four-footed animal

(a) Polyped

(b) Quadruped

(c) Double-paired

(d) Tetrapod

Ans: (b)

54. Lasting only for a very short while

(a) Temporary

(b) Temperate

(c) Transparent

(d) Temporal

Ans: (a)

55. Interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse

(a) Allay

(b) Heckle

(c) Dulcify

(d) Soothe

Ans: (b)

56. Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines

(a) Advocacy

(b) Heresy

(c) Convention

(d) Contrast

Ans: (b)

57. Speaking with a stammer

(a) Fatiloquent

(b) Stuttering

(c)  Melliloquent

(d) Eloquent

Ans: (c)

58. A doctor who treats children

(a) Pedestrian

(b) Pedagogue

(c) Pediatrician

(d) Pedophile

Ans: (c)

59. One who is a beginner or novice to a profession

(a) Tyro

(b) Nuance

(c) Vandal

(d) Pun

Ans: (a. MCQ on One Word Substitution

60. Lively or high-spirited

(a) grave

(b) vivacious

(c) discouraged

(d) depression

Ans: (b)

61. Exemption from punishment

(a) Inexorable

(b) Impunity

(c) Imperturbable

(d) Impudent

Ans: (b)

62. A brave, noble-minded or chivalrous man

(a) robust

(b) gallant

(c) reckless

(d) handsome

Ans: (b)

63. Emission of light or heat from a central point

(a) refraction

(b) reflection

(c) radiation

(d) rays

Ans: (c)

64. A person who is blamed for the wrong-doings of others

(a) Phlegmatic

(b) Bursar

(c) Scapegoat

(d) Captor

Ans: (c)

65. To make atonement for one’s sins

(a) renounce

(b) recant

(c) remonstrate

(d) expiate

Ans: (d)

66. Determine the nature of the disease

(a) Diagnose

(b) Detect

(c) Determine

(d) Investigate

Ans: (a)

67. Something that is poisonous or unhealthy

(a) Torpid

(b) Tragic

(c) Toxic

(d) Trivial

Ans: (c)

68. Intentional damage of production

(a) sangfroid

(b) sabotage

(c) modus operandi

(d) nemesis

Ans: (b)

69. Take away or alter the natural qualities of things

(a) Authentic

(b) Denature

(c) Unadulterated

(d) Limpid

Ans: (b)

70. Words uttered impiously about God

(a) Logic

(b) Blasphemy

(c) Philosophy

(d) Amoral

Ans: (b)

71. Circular building with a dome

(a) Rotunda

(b) Spire

(c) Palace

(d) Edifice

Ans: (a)

72. One who takes the dark side of a thing

(a) Pessimist

(b) Optimist

(c) Insolvent

(d) Drunken

Ans: (a)

73. A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain

(a) Parasite

(b) Usurer

(c) Stoic

(d) Ascetic

Ans: (c)

74. Government by a ruler who has unlimited power 

(a) Bureaucracy

(b) Autocracy

(c) Bigot


Ans:  (b)

75. Place for cremating corpse

(a) Crematorium

(b) Cemetery

(c) Cosmopolitan

(c) Graveyard

Ans: (a). MCQ on One Word Substitution

76. An old unmarried woman

(a) Sniper

(b) Masochist

(c) Septuagenarian

(d) Spinster 

Ans: (d)

77. To struggle helplessly in mud or water

(a) Fumble

(b) Finger

(c) Founder

(d) Flounder

Ans: (d)

78. That which lasts for a short time

(a) Rotatory

(b) Repository

(c) Transitory

(d) Regular

Ans: (c)

79. One who is honourably discharged from service

(a) Truant

(b) Belligerent

(c) Mercenary

(d) Emeritus

Ans: (d). MCQ on One Word Substitution

80. Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter

(a) Epithet

(b) Oxymoron

(c) Alliteration

(d) Pun

Ans: (c)

81. A system of Government in which only one political party is allowed

(a) Totalitarianism

(b) Theocracy

(c) Dictatorship

(d) Oligarchy

Ans: (a)

82. Just punishment for wrongdoing

(a) Prodigy

(b) Dandy

(c) Wagon

(d) Nemesis

Ans: (d)

83. A man with abnormal habits

(a) frantic

(b) idiotic

(c) sulky

(d) eccentric

Ans: (d)

84. The life history of a person written by himself 

(a) Biography

(b) Story

(c) Autobiography

(c) Novel

Ans: (c). MCQ on One Word Substitution

85. A man who learns an art for pleasure

(a) Artist

(b) Atheist

(c) Amateur

(d) Artiste

Ans: (c)

86. A person who leaves his own country and settles in another country

(a) Mercenary

(b) Emissary

(c) Emigrant

(d) Immigrant

Ans: (c). MCQ on One Word Substitution

87. A selfish person who always thinks of himself

(a) Egoist

(b) Fatalist

(c) Orator

(d) Foolish

Ans: (a)

88. A promise given by a prisoner that he will not run away

(a) Verbatim

(b) Illegal

(c) Parole

(d) Malleable

Ans: (c)

89. A person who talks in sleep is called as

(a) Somnambulist

(b) Philatelist

(c) Somniloquist

(d) Oneirocritic

Ans: (c)

90. The person who knows everything

(a) Omnipresent

(b) Omnipotent

(c) Omniscient

(d) Oblivious

Ans: (c)

91. A person involving in an activity for pleasure and not for money

(a) Amateur

(b) Follower

(c) Antiquarian

(d) Altruist

Ans: (a)

92. The life history of a person written by an author

(a) Autobiography

(b) History

(c) Bibliography

(d) Biography

Ans: (d) 

93. A person working only for money or reward

(a) Apostate

(b) Mercenary

(c) Martyr

(d) Renegade

Ans:  (b)

94. A child whose parents are dead

(a) Orphan

(b) Homicide

(c) Emigrant

(d) Parentless

Ans: (a)

95. Occuring at same time

(a) Illegible

(b) Present

(c) Simultaneous

(d) Contemporary

Ans: (c)

96. A Place for burials, other than a churchyard

(a) Centenary

(b) Cemetery

(c) Crematorium

(d) Crematory

Ans: (b)

97. A animal or plant living on or in another one and getting its food from it

(a) Parasite

(b) Amphibia

(c) Celibacy

(d) Dependent

Ans:  (a)

98. One who totally abstains from alcoholic liquor

(a) Amateur

(b) Teetotaler

(c) Atheist

(d) Vegetarian

Ans: (b)

99. One who abandons his religious faith

(a) Orator

(b) Orthodox

(c) Omnipoten

(d) Apostate

Ans: (d)

100. Widely known for evil deeds

(a) Illegal

(b) Notorious

(c) Altruist

(d) Famous

Ans: (b) 0 0 0

MCQ on One Word Substitution

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