Medical Discoveries and Inventions


Medical Discoveries and Inventions

Medical Discoveries and Inventions

Medical Discoveries and Inventions

Invention–––– Inventor–––– Year

Antirabies Cure––Louis Pasteur ((France)––1882 

Anti-Polio Vaccine––Jonas E. Salk (USA)––1955 

Antiseptic Surgery––Joseph Lister––1867 

Bacteria ––Anton Von Leeuwenhoek (Netherlands)––1600

Blood Circulation ––Hervey––1628 

Blood Transfusion––Karl Landsteiner––1818 

Chloroform ––J, Harrison and J.H. Simpson––1847 

Cause of Beri Beri ––Eijkman––1897 

Colera Baciilus––Robert Koch––1885 

D.D.T.––Paul Hermann Muller––1948 

Heart Transplantation––C. Barnard (S. Africa)––1967

Homoeopathy––Hahnemann (Germany) ––1790 

Insulin––F. Banting––1932 

Malaria Parasites––Ronald Ross––1892 

Penicillin ––Alexander Fleming and Florey––1929 

Syphilis Cure––Paul Ehrlich––1910 

Stethoscope––Rene Laennec (France)––1816 

Sulpha Drugs––D. Dogmark––1936 

Theory of Evolution ––Charles Darwin ––1859 

Typhoid bacilli ––Eberth ––1880 

Tubercle bacilli––Robert Koch––1882 

Ultra Violet Rays––Finsen ––1882 

Visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar) Fever––UN Brahmachari––1824. 0 0 0

Medical Discoveries and Inventions

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