Scientific Discoveries


Scientific Discoveries

Scientific Discoveries

Discovery––– Discoverer––Year

San Salvador (Watling Island)––C. Columbus––1492 

The Bahamas, Cuba and Haiti, Mainland ––Columbus––1498 Magellan Strait––Ferdinand Magellan ––1519-22 

 Canada––Jacques Cartier ––1534-36 

Australia ––William Janszoon––1606 

Bacteria––Anton Von Leeuwenhoek––1683 

Sailed around the World ––Capt. James Cook––1768-71 

 Easter Island––Capt. James Cook––1772 

Neptune Planet––Johann Galle––1846 

Neutron ––James Chadwick––1932 

 Radiocarbon ––Willard F. Libby––1947 

Radiation belt around the Earth––James Van Allen––1958. 0 0 0

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