Scientific Invention


Scientific Invention

Scientific Invention

Scientific Invention

Invention ––Inventor–––Year

Adding Machine––Blaise Pascal––1642 

Aeroplane––Wright Brothers ––1903 

Air Conditioning ––Willies Carrier––1911  

Antiseptic ––Dr. Joseph Lister––1867 

Aspirin ––Dr. Felix Hoffman––1899 

Atom Bomb––Julius Robert Oppenheimer––1945 

Automobile ––Karl Benz––1855 

Automobile (steam)––Nicolas Cugnot––1769 

Ballon––Jacques Montgolfier––1783 

Ballpoint Pen––John J.Loud––1888 


Battery (Electric) ––Volta––1800 

Bicycle––Karl D. Von Sauerbronn––1816 

Bicycle Tyres (pneumatic)––John Boyd Dunlop––1888 

Bullet––Claude Minie––1849 

Calculating Machine ––John Napier––1614 

Camera (handheld)––George Eastman––1888

Cellophane––I.E. Brandenberger––1900 

Cement––Joseph Aspdin––1824 

Cinema––August Marie Louis Nocolas Lumicre––1895 

Computers ––Charles Babbage ––1830s 

Current Electricity––Volta––1800 

Diesel Engine––Rudolf Diesel––1895 

Disc Brake––Dr. F. Lanchester ––1902 

Dynamite––Alfred Nobel––1867 

Electric Battery––Volta––1800 

Electric Fan––Schulyer Wheeler ––1882 

Electric Generator––Michael Faraday––1832 

Electric Lamp (arc lamp) ––Sir Humphrey Davy––1801 

Electronic Mail ––Ray Tomlinson––1972 

Electromagnet ––William Sturgeon––1823 

Electric Motoir (AC)––Nikola Tesla––1888

Scientific Invention 

Electric Motor (DC)––Zenobe Gramme ––1873 

Electromagnetic Induction––Michael Faraday––1831 

Elevator ––Elisha G. Otis––1852 

Film (musical)––Dr. Lee de Forest––1923 

Film (talking)––Warner Bros––1926 

Fountain Pen––Lewis E. Waterman––1884 

Gas Lighting ––William Murdock––1792 

Generator ––Piciontti––1860 

Glider––Sir George Cayley––1853 

Gramophone––Thomas Alva Edison ––1878 

Helcopter––Etienne Ochmichen––1924 

Hovercraft ––C.S. Cockerell––1955 

Hydrogen Fuel Cells––Sir William Robert Grove ––1839 

Jet Engine ––Sir FGrank Whittle ––1937 

Laser––Dr. Charles H. Townes––1960 

LCD––Hoffman-La Roche––1970 

Lens, bifocal––Benjamin Franklin––1760 

Locomotive (steam-powered)––Richard Trevithick––1804 

Loudspeaker––CW. Rise and E. W. Kellogg––1924 

Law of Electrical Resistance––Ohm––1826 

Machine Gun––Richard J. Gattlin––1862 

Match (Safety)––J.E. Lundstrom ––1855 

Motorcycle ––Edward Butler––1884 

Microwave Oven––Percy Spencer ––1947 

Microphone ––Charles Wheatstone ––1827 

Microprocessor––Intel Faggin, Hoff, Mazor––1971 

Microscope––Z. Jansen––1590 

Motion  Picture ––Thomas A. Edison––1893 

Neon Lamp––Georges Claude––1915 

Nylon––Dr. Wallace H. Carothers––1937 


Parachute ––Louis S. Lenormand––1783 

Pen––Lewis E. Waterman ––1884 

Penicillin––Alexander Fleming––1929 

Piano––Bartolommeo Cristofori––1709 

Polio Vaccine––Jonas E. Salk––1952 

Pressure cooker––Denis Papin––1679

Scientific Invention 

Printing Press––Johann Gutenberg––1455 

Photography (on paper)––W.H. Fox Talbot––1835 

Propeller (ship)––Francis Smith––1827 

Radar––A H. Taylor and Leo C. Young––1922 

Radio Telegraphy––Lord Earnest Rutherford––1895 

Radioactivity (X-rays)––W. K. Roentgen––1895 

Razor––King Gillette––1901 

Refrigerator ––James Harrison––1851 

Revolver––Samuel Colt––1835 

Rocket ––Robert Goddard––1926 

Rocket Engine––Robert H. Goddard––1926 

Rubber (waterproof)––Charles Macintosh––1819 

Safety Pin––Water Hunt––1849 

Seismograph––John Milne––1880 

Sewing Machine––Elias Howe––1846 

Steam Engine ––Thomas Savery––1698 

Submarine ––David Bushnell––1776 

Synthesizer––Dr. Robertt Arthur Moog––1964 

Tape Recorder––Valdemar Poulsen ––1899 

Teflon ––DuPont––1943

Scientific Invention 

Telephone––Alexander Graham Bell––1876 

Television ––J.L.Baird––1926 


Tharmometer ––Fahrenheit ––1714 

Tractor––Jhon Froelich––1892 

Transformer (induction coil) ––W. Stanely, Jr––1842 

Transistor ––Bardeen, Brattain, Shockley––1947 

Typewriter ––Christopher L. Sholes––1867 

Vaccination (smallpox)E. Jenner––1796 

Watch––Bartholomew Manfredi––1462 

Washing Machine ––Alva J. Fisher––1906 

X-ray––Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen––1895 

Zeppelin, (Rigid Airship)––Ferdinand von Zeppelin––1899 

Zip Fastener ––W.L.Judson––1891. 0 0 0

Scientific Invention

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