My Native Village | My Native Village Essay


My Native Village | My Native Village Essay

My Native Village My Native Village Essay

My Native Village


A village is a small and peaceful place where people live together. The name of our village is Sonapur. It is a fine village full of natural beauty.


My village is small and lovely. It’s surrounded by fields, trees, and a river. Our village is far away from the noisy city, and the air is clean.


Most houses in our village are made of bricks. They have red roofs and pretty gardens with flowers and fruit trees like mango and guava.


People in our village are friendly and helpful. They know each other well and always smile when they meet.


We have a small school where we learn new things every day. Our teachers are kind and caring.


Nature is beautiful in our village. We have a park with a pond and birds sing in tall trees. Our fields have wheat, rice, and corn growing.


We celebrate festivals like Diwali and Holi with excitement. We light lamps, have fun, and eat delicious sweets.


I love my village because it’s a peaceful and happy place. The natural beauty, friendly people, and simple life make it special. Village life is unique, and I’m proud of it. 0 0 0.

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