Pre-writing Practice Book


Pre-writing Practice Book

Pre-writing Practice Book PDF
Pre-writing Practice Book

Class Ankur/ L.K.G. or Equivalent
(For Both Assamese & English Medium students)

Prepared by
Growhills Writers’ Board



Growhills Publishing
Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

Pre-writing Practice Book- For Class Ankur/ L.K.G. For Both English and Assamese Medium Students prepared by Growhills Writers’ Board and Published by Growhills Publishing, Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)- 781352.

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This book is especially designed to meet the long-felt demand of private educational institutes of North-east India. The materials have been compiled and edited from various sources. The publisher is not aware of any copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. We are ready to appreciate and take immediate action to rectify and overcome such a thing that has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone in case it is brought to our notice.

Pre-writing Practice Book
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Pre-writing Practice Book PDF

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Published by
Growhills Publishing
Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

Handwriting is an integral part of education. Without learning the art of writing none can claim to be educated in a true sense. Mahatma Gandhi appreciated the value and importance of good handwriting and said the truth, “Handwriting is a part and parcel of education.” Neither an educationist nor a thinker can deny the significance of good handwriting. But to acquire the skill in writing it needs constant and patient practice. The students should be taught the art of good handwriting from the very grass level.

This Pre-writing Practice Book is specially designed for nursery babies. (the babies under five years). In this stage, the babies should not be emphasized on learning the art of writing letters or the alphabet. It is because they remain tender both physically and mentally. If emphasis is put on them to learn writing it might bring in adverse results on their mind.

But as handwriting is regarded as a part and parcel of education. So we can not ignore its introduction with the beginning of education.

Pre-writing Practice Book
In the Pre-primary stage (Nursery, L. K. G. or equivalent) we think if the babies are taught the art of handling pencils and scratching on paper they would enjoy it as fun and with this, they would draw inspiration from within to take to writing letters.
Keeping this view in mind we have brought out this practice book to train the babies in handling pencils. In this practice book, we have introduced no letter but some simple figures, symbols and scratchings. The teacher would guide the babies in connecting the dots of the figures and symbols with a pencil towards the direction shown by the arrow mark. The teacher would also teach the babies how to hold pencils within the thumb, the index finger and the middle finger. In brief, this practice book should be treated as a preliminary preparation or readiness for handling pencils and learning scratching on paper before going to learn the writing of the alphabet.
Hope that the babies will enjoy it as fun.

We are expectant of getting formative criticism and suggestions of any kind from educationists, philosophers, teachers, guardians, and even from the student community.
Growhills Publishing

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Pre-writing Practice Book PDF


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