Important Battles in Indian History


Important Battles in Indian History

Important Battles in Indian History

Important Battles in Indian History 


327-26 –– Alexander invades India. Defeats Porus in the Battle of Hydaspes (Jhelum) 326 B.C.

305 –– Chandragupta Maurya defeats the Greek King Seleucus. 

261 –– Kalinga War, Conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka. 

155 –– Menanader’s invasion of India. 

90 –– The Saka invade India. 


454 –– The first Huna invasion 

494 –– The Second Huna invasion. 

711-712 –– The Arab invasion of Sind under Mohammed-bin-Qasim 

1000- 27 –– Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni invades India 17 times. 

1175-1206 –– Invasions of Muhammad Ghori. First Battle of Tarain. 

1191 –– Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeats Muhammad Ghori; 2nd Battle of Tarain. 

1192 ––  Muhammad Ghori defeats Prithvi Raj Chauhan; Battle of Chandler. 

1194 –– Muhammad Ghori defeats Jaychhandra Gahadvala of Kanauj. 

1294 –– Alauddin Khiliji invades the Yadava kingdom of Devagiri. The first Turkish invasion of the Deccan.  

1398 –– Timur invades India; defeats the Tughlaq Sultan Mahmud Shah. 

1526 –– Babur invades India and defeats the last Lodhi Sultan Ibrahim Lodhi in the Battle of Panipat.

1539-40 –– Battles of Chusa or Ghagra (1539) and Kanauj or Ganges (1540) in which Sher Shah defeats Humayun. 

1545 –– Battle of Kalinjar and death of Sher Shah Suri. 

1556 –– Second Battle of Panipat, Akbar defeats Hemu. 

1565 –– Battle of Rakatakshasi-Tangadi (Talikota) in which the forces of the empire Vijaynagar under King Sadasiva Raya and his regent Rama Raya are routed by the confederate forces of the Deccani states of  Bijapur, Golkonda, Ahmadnagar and Bidar.  

1576 ––  Battle of Haldighat, Akbar defeats Rana Pratap of Mewar. 

1632-33 –– Conquest of Ahmadnagar by Shah Jahan. 

1658 –– Battles of Dharmat (April-May 1658) and Samugarh (June 8 1658). Dara Shikoh, the eldest son of Shah Jahan, defeated by Aurangzeb. 

1665 –– Shivaji defeated by Raja Jai Singh and Treaty of Purandhar.

1739 –– Invasion of India by Nadir Shah. 

1746 –– First Carnatic War. 

1748-54 –– Second Carnatic War. 

1756-63 –– Third Carnatic War. 

1757 –– Battle of Plassey. Siraj-Ud-Daulah, the Nawab of Bengal, defeated by Robert Clive. 

1760 –– Battle of Wandiwash, in which the English under Sir Eyre Coote defeated the French under Lally.   

1762 –– Third Battle of Panipat; Marathas defeated by Ahmad Shah Abdali. 

1764 –– Battle of Buxar. The English (under Munro) defeated Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal and Nabab Shuja-ud-Daulah of Awadh. 

1967-69 –– First Mysore War.

1774 ––  The Rohilla War between the Rohillas and the Nawab of Awadh supported by the East India Company. 

1775-82 –– First Maratha War 

1780-82 –– Maratha War 

1780-84 –– Second Mysore War

1792 –– Third Mysore War. 

1799 –– Fourth Mysore War, Defeat and death of Tipu Sultan. 

1802-04 –– Second Maratha War 

1817-18 –– Third Maratha War. 

1845-46 –– First Sikh War 

1848-49 –– Second Sikh war and annexation of the Punjab to British India. 

1857 –– Thee revolt of 1857 (The First War of Indian Independence). 0 0 0

Important Battles in Indian History

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