Mineral Wealth of India


Mineral Wealth of India

Mineral Wealth of India

Mineral Wealth of India

Metallic Minerals: 

Mineral——Found in

Bauxite: Bihar, Madhya Pradesh 

Chromite: Odisha, Karnataka

Coal: Bihar, West Bengal 

Copper: Bihar, Rajasthan 

Iron: Goa, Madhya Pradesh 

Lead: Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh 

Lignite: Tamil Nadu, Gujarat 

Manganese: Odisha, Karnataka

Natural Gas: Assam, Gujarat 

Petroleum: Assam, Gujarat

Silver: Rajasthan, Bihar

Tungsten: Rajasthan, West Bengal. 

Non-Metalic Minerals Found in India

Mineral—-Found in

Asbestos: Rajasthan, Bihar

Ball Clay: Andhra Pradesh, Rajashthan

China Clay (Kaolin): Rajasthan, West Bengal.

Mineral Wealth of India 

Barytes: Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra 

Calcite: Rajasthan, Gujarat 

Corundum: Karnataka, Maharashtra 

Diamond: Madhya Pradesh, Odisha

Dolomite: Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu 

Felspar: Rajasthan, Gujarat 

Fire clay: Bihar, Rajasthan 

Fluorite: Gujarat, Rajasthan 

Graphite: Odisha, Tamil Nadu 

Gypsum: Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu 

Kyanite: Maharashtra

Mineral Wealth of India

Limestone: Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu 

Magnetite: Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh

Mica: Bihar, Andhra Pradesh

Ochre: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh 

Quartz: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka 

Quartzite: Odisha, Bihar 

Silica Sand: Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat 

Sillimanite: Maharashtra, Meghalaya. 0 0 0

Mineral Wealth of India

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