Reforms During British Rule in India


Reforms During British Rule in India

Reforms During British Rule in India

Reforms During British Rule in India 

Agrarian Reforms –– Lord Curzon 

Ancient Monuments Preservation –– Lord Curzon

Cabinet Mission  –– Lord Wavell 

First Census ––  Lord Ripon 

Communal Award ––  Lord A. Wellington 

Congress Resolution for complete Independence––Lord Irwin 

Cripps Mission –– Lord Linlithgow 

Doictrine of Lapse ––  Lord Delhousie 

Dyarchy –– Lord Chelmsford 

Enlargement of Legislative Councils –– Lord Dufferin 

Factory Act ––  Lord Ripon

Reforms During British Rule in India

Indian Councils Act –– Lord Mintu II

Indian Independence Act –– Lord Mountbatten 

Government of India Act,1935 –– Lord A. Wellington 

I.N.A. Trial ––  Lord Wavell

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre –– Lord Chelmsford 

Local Self Government –– Lord Ripon 

Morley-Minto Reforms –– Lord Minto-II 

Montague-Chelmsford  Reform ––  Lord  Chelmsford. 

Non-Cooperation Movement –– Lord Chelmsford 

Partition of Bengal –– Lord Curzon 

Partition of Bengal revoked  ––  Lord Hardinge -II 

Partition of India  –– Lord Mountbatten

Permanent Settlement  –– Lord Cornwallis 

Prohibition of female infanticide –– Lord William Bentinck 

Poona Pact –– Lord A. Willington 

Provincial Autonomy –– Lord Linlithgow 

Prohibition of Sati Dah Pratha–– Lord William Bentinck

Queen Victoria’s Proclamation –– Lord Canning 

Quit India –– Lord Linlithgow 

First Round Table Conference ––  Lord Irwin 

Second Round Table Conference –– Lord A. Willington 

Third Round Table Conference –– Lord A. Willington  

 Rowlatt Act –– Lord Chelmsford

Reforms During British Rule in India 

Sedition Committee –– Lord Chelmsford 

Separate Electorate –– Lord Arthur Wellington 

Separate representation for Muslims –– Lord Minto-II

Sepoy Mutiny –– Lord Canning 

Subsidiary –– Lord Arthur Wellington 

Suppression of thug ––  Lord William Bentinck 

India’s Capital from Calcutta to Delhi –– Lord Hardinge -II

Repeal of Vernacular Press Act–– Lord Ripon. 0 0 0

Reforms During British Rule in India

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