Miss Earth


Miss Earth

Miss Earth

Miss Earth



2001DenmarkCatharina Svensson 

2002Bos-Herzegovina –– Dzejia Glavovic (Dethroned) 

Kenya –– Winfred Omwakwe  

2003Honduras Dania Prince 

2004BrazilPricsilla Meirelles

2005VenezuelaAlexendra Braun 

2006Chile Hil Hernandez 

2007CanadaJessika Trisko 

2008PhilippinesKarla Henry 

2009BrazilLarissa Ramos 

2010IndiaNicole Faria 

2011EcuadorOlga Alva 

2012Czech Republic –– Tereza Fajksova 

2013VenezuelaAlyz Henrich. 0 0 0

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