Articles and Parts of Indian Constitution


Articles and Parts of Indian Constitution

Articles and Parts of Indian Constitution

Articles and Parts of Indian Constitution

Part–Articles ––Deals with 

Part-I––Articles-1-4: Union Territory of India, Admission, Establishment for the formation of new states. 

Part-II––Articles-5-11: Citizenship

Part-III––Articles-12-35: Fundamental Rights. 

Part-IV––Articles-36-51: Directive Principles of State Policy. 

Part-IVA––Articles-51A: Fundamental Duties. It was added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976. 

Part-V––Articles-51-151: Government at the Union Level. 

Part-VI––Articles-152-237: Government at the State Level. 

Part-VII––Articles-238: Deals with the States in Part B of the First Schedule. It was repealed by the 7th Amendment in 1956. 

Part-VIII––Articles-239-242:  Administration of Union Territories.

Part-IX––Articles-243-243-0: Panchayat. 

Part-IXA––Articles-243 P-243 ZG: Municipalities. 

Part-X––Articles-244-244A: Scheduled and Tribal Areas. 

Part-XI––Articles-245-263: Relations between the Union and the States. 

Part-XII––Articles-264-300A: Finance, Property, Contracts, and Suits. 

Part-XIII––Articles-301-307: Trade, Commerce and Travel within the Territory of India. 

Part-XIV––Articles-308-323: Services under the Union and the States. 

Part-XIVA––Articles-323A-323B: Added by the 42nd Amendment in 1976 and deals with  Administrative Tribunals to hear disputes and other complaints. 

Part-XV––Articles-324-329A: Elections. 

Part-XVI––Articles-330-342: Special provisions relating to certain classes ST/SC and Anglo Indians Community. 

Part-XVII––Articles-343-351: Official Languages. 

Part-XVIII––Articles-352-360: Emergency Provisions. 

Part-XIX––Articles-361-367: Miscellaneous provisions regarding exemption of the President and Governors from criminal proceedings. 

Part-XX––Articles-364: Amendment of the Constitution. 

Part-XXI––Articles-369-392: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions. 

Part-XXII––Articles-393-395: Short title, Commencement, Authoritative text in the Hindi language, Repeals. 0 0 0

Articles and Parts of Indian Constitution

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