Fathers of Some Branches of Science


Fathers of Some Branches of Science

Fathers of Some Branches of Science

Fathers of Some Branches of Science

Aristotle––Father of Nature’s History, Father of Biology, Father of Zoology.

Addison––Father of Endocrinology  

Edward Jenner––Father of Immunology 

Francois Galton––Father of Eugenics 

Gregor Johann Mendel––Father of Genetics 

Hippocrates––Father of Medicine 

Hugo De Vries––Father of Mutation Theory 

Ivan Pavlov––Father of Conditional Reflex 

Karl Ernest Von Baer––Father of Modern Embryology 

Karl Landsteiner–– Father of Blood Groups 

Leonardo De Vinci––Father of Palaeontology 

Linneus––Father of Taxonomy 

Louis Pasteur––Father of Microbiology 

Paul Berg––Father of  Genetic Engineering 

Reiter––Father of  Ecology. 

Robert Hook–– Father of  Cytology 

Robert Koch––Father of Bacteriology 

Rudolf Virchow––Father of  Pathology 

W.M. Stanely––Father of Virology 

William Harvey–– Father of  Blood Circulation. 0 0 0

Fathers of Some Branches of Science

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