List of Some Scientific Instruments


List of Some Scientific Instruments

List of Some Scientific Instruments

List of Some Scientific Instruments

Altimeter––It measures the altitude used in aircraft. 

Ammeter––It measures the strength of electric current (in amperes) 

Anemometer––It measures the force and velocity of the wind. 

Audiometer––It measures the intensity of sound. 

Audiophone––It is used for improving an imperfect sense of hearing. 

Barograph––It is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure. 

Barometer––It measures atmospheric pressure. 

Binocular––It is used to view distant objects. 

Bolometer––It measures heat radiation. 

Calorimeter––It measures the quantity of heat. 

Carburetor––It is used in an internal combustion engine. 

Cardiogram––It traces the movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph. 

Chronometer –– It determines the longitude of a place kept on board a ship. 

Cinematography––It is an instrument used in cinema making to throw on screen an enlarged image of the photograph.  

Clock––It is used in astronomical observations and other precision work. 

Commutators––It is a technical device designed to find instantaneous solutions of huge and complex calculations based on the information already fed. 

Crescograph––It measures the growth of plants. 

Cyclotron––A charged particle accelerator that can accelerate charged particles to high energies. 

Dynamo––It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. 

Dynamometer––It measures electrical power. 

Electro Encephalograph (EEG)–– It is an instrument used for the recording of a change in electric potential in various areas of the brain by means of electrodes on the scalp or in the brain itself.  

Electrocardiograph (ECG)––It is an instrument used for the detection of electric impulses of the heart. It gives a graphic picture of heartbeats.

Electrometers––It measures electricity. 

Electroscope––It detects the presence of an electric charge. 

Endoscope –– It examines the internal parts of the body. 

Eudiometer––A glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between gases.

Fathometer ––It measures the depth of the ocean. 

Galvanometer––It measures the electric current of low magnitude. 

Hydrometer––t measures the specific gravity of liquids. 

Hydrophone––It measures sound underwater. 

Hygrometer––It measures relative humidity in the air. 

Hygroscope––It is an instrument to show the change in atmospheric humidity. 

Kymograph––It graphically records physiological movements (Blood pressure heartbeat). 

Lactometer––It determines the purity of milk. 

Magnetometer––It is an instrument used to compare the magnetic moments and field. 

Manometer ––It measures the pressures of gases less than atmospheric pressure.  

Mariner’s Compass––It is an instrument used by the sailors to determine the direction. 

Micrometre––It is an instrument to measure the thickness of blocks. 

Microphone––It converts the sound waves into electrical vibrations and it magnifies the sound. 

Microscope––It is used to obtain a magnified view of small objects. 

Odometer––An instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is measured. 

Periscope––It is an apparatus for viewing objects lying above the eye level of the observer and whose direct vision is obstructed.

List of Some Scientific Instruments  

Phonograph––An instrument for producing sound. 

Photometer––This instrument compares the luminous intensity of the source of light. 

Planimeter––It is a mechanical integrating instrument to measure the area of a plane surface. 

Potentiometer–– It is used for comparing the electromotive force of cells. 

Pyknometer––It is an instrument for measuring solar radiations. 

Pyrometer––It measures very high temperatures. 

Quadrant––It is an instrument for measuring altitudes and angles in navigation and astronomy.

Radar––It is used for detecting the direction and range of an approaching plane by means of radio microwaves. 

Radio Micrometer––It is an instrument for measuring heat radiations. 

Radiometer––It measures the emission of radiant energy. 

Rain Gauge––An apparatus for recording rainfall at a particular place. 

Refractometer––It measures the refractive index.

List of Some Scientific Instruments

Resistance Thermometer––It determines the electrical resistance of a conductor. 

Saccharimeter––It measures the amount of sugar in the solution. 

Seismograph––It measures the intensity of earthquake shocks. 

Sextant––This is used by navigators to find the latitude of a place by measuring the elevation above the horizon of the sun or another star. 

Spectrometer––It is an instrument for measuring the energy distribution of a particular type of radiation. 

Spectroscope––It is an instrument used to measure the mass of a body. 

Spherometer––It measures the curvatures of surfaces. 

Sphygmomanometer––It measures blood pressure. 

Stereoscope––It is used to view two-dimensional pictures. 

Stethoscope––An instrument that is used by doctors to hear and analyze heart and lung sounds.  

Stroboscope––It is used to view rapidly moving objects.

List of Some Scientific Instruments 

Tachometer ––An instrument used in measuring the speeds of aeroplanes and motorboats. 

Tangent Galvanometer ––It is an instrument for measuring the strength of the direct current. 

Tape Recorder––It is an apparatus that records and reproduces sound by using magnetic tapes.

Telemeter––It is an apparatus for recording physical events happening at a distance. 

Telephone–– It is an apparatus used for the transmission of sound. 

Teleprinter––This instrument receives and sends typed messages from one place to another. 

Telescope––It is an instrument for viewing distant objects as magnified. 

Television ––It is an instrument used for transmitting visible moving images by means of wireless waves.   

Telstar––It is an instrument used for transmitting wireless and television broadcasts across continents via space.

List of Some Scientific Instruments  

Theodolite ––It measures horizontal and vertical angles. 

Thermometer––This instrument is used for the measurement of temperature. 

Thermostat ––It is an automatic device for regulating constant temperatures. 

Transistors–– It is a small device that may be used to amplify currents and perform on the functions usually performed by a theoremic valve.   

Vernier––It is an adjustable scale with the marking of 10 sub-divisions of one-tenth of an inch or measuring small sub-divisions of scale. 

Viscometer ––It measures the velocity of the liquid. 

Voltmeter––It measures the electric potential difference between two points. 0 0 0

List of Some Scientific Instruments

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