Handwriting Practice Book-III


Handwriting Practice Book-III

Handwriting Practice Book-III

Handwriting Practice Book-III 

For Class -III
Growhills Publishing Writers’ Board
Growhills Publishing
Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)
Handwriting Practice Book-III (Class III)  For Both English and Assamese Medium Students prepared by Growhills Publishing Writers’ Board and Published by Growhills Publishing: a Publisher, Distributor and Retailer, Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)- 781352.
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This book is especially designed to meet the long-felt demand of private educational institutes of North-East India. The materials have been compiled and edited from various sources. The publisher is not aware of any copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. We are ready to appreciate and take immediate action to rectify and overcome such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form  towards anyone incase it is brought to our notice.
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Handwriting Practice Book-III
Published by
Growhills Publishing
Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)
Writing by hand is called handwriting. Handwriting is an integral part of education. One cannot claim to be properly educated without learning the art of writing. Mahatma Gandhi, who regretted all his life for his poor handwriting said the truth, “Handwriting is the part and parcel of education.” Handwriting style should be good, legible and smooth. In most languages hand handwriting style is something different from print type. There is a great significance (importance) of good handwriting as:
First, good handwriting enhances attention and interest in learning activities.
Secondly, good handwriting increases understanding and memory power.
Thirdly, good handwriting is a proud possession of one’s personality.
Fourthly, by good handwriting, a student can get immediate favour of his teachers.
Fifthly, good handwriting may cure some students suffering from inferiority complex.
Sixthly, good handwriting brings in mental satisfaction.
Thus the significance of good handwriting is so great that it may be called the key board of education.
As handwriting style differs from person to person yet there is some ideal styles that may be followed as models of practising handwriting. In computer, there are some handwriting styles as: Kunstler script, Edwardian script and a few. The students may follow and practise these styles. Some students especially the tender and primary students may find them hard to practise because they are more cursive and needs long patient practice.
There are some general norms of learning the art of good handwriting as:
First, handwriting should be cursive i.e. connected to letters with each other within a word.
Secondly, handwriting should be somewhat leaning toward the right.
Thirdly, handwriting should neither be so small nor so big.
Fourthly, one should always write in the same style in which he hopes to get proficiency.
In addition to these norms, the students should follow the following instructions while practising the art of handwriting:
First, the learner should follow a model that he finds easier and more comfortable for him.
Secondly, in the primary stage, the learner should use a wooden pencil or fountain pen while practising handwriting. It is not good to use ball pen (dot pen) at the primary stage.
Thirdly, he should use practice book having four lined rolling.
Fourthly, he should practise writing sitting on a chair and keeping his practice book on the table. Note well that handwriting should never be practised sitting on one’s haunches in the bed.
Fifthly, the height of the table should be up to his chest.
Sixthly, the light should fall from the left side of the learner.
Seventhly, the table should be neat with enough space.
Eighthly, he should practise handwriting every day at any time he likes.
Ninthly, the learner should never make haste in writing.
Tenthly, he must have patience and perseverance because it needs a long day of practising.
This Hand Writing Practice Book -II has been designed to meet the needs of the students of primary level,  especially for class -II. The students are asked to practise the art of handwriting as much as they can.
While teaching the art of handwriting (cursive or print type) the teacher should talk about the importance of Good handwriting to motivate the learners in practising the art of writing.
We are looking forward to suggestions of any kind from the teachers, guardians, educationists, and student community for its further development.
Kamalpur, Barpeta
Handwriting Practice Book-III
Growhills Publishing
Handwriting Practice Book-III

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Handwriting Practice Book-II
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