No Men Are Foreign | Question Solutions


No Men Are Foreign | Question Solutions

No Men Are Foreign  Question Solutions

No Men Are Foreign | Question Solutions

-James Kirkup


Thinking About the Poem:

  1. (i) ‘’Beneath all uniforms ……………..’’ What uniforms do you think the poet is speaking about?

Ans. The poet has used the term ‘uniform’ either to mean the various types of dress worn by people of various countries or he may mean the people of various colours such as blacks and whites. Whatever may be the dress or the colour of the skin all men are equal.

(ii) How does the poet suggest that all people on earth are the same?

Ans. The poet suggests that all people on Earth have some common traits. They feel the sunrays, air and water etc. They are fed by peaceful harvests and starved by the disturbance of war. In all countries, people earn their livelihood by doing hard labour. People in all countries sleep and stay awake. They have strength and life which are common to all men living in all the countries on the earth.

Q.2. In stanza 1, find five ways in which we all are alike. Pick out the words.

Ans. The five ways in which all are alike mentioned in stanza -I am:

(a) No men are strange, (b) no countries foreign, (c) a single body breathes like ours,  (d) beneath all uniforms a single body breathes, (e) the land our brothers walk upon is earth like this, (f) we all shall lie on the same earth.

Q.3. How many common features can you find in stanza 2 ? Pick out the words:

Ans. Sun, air, water, harvest, winter, hands, labour. The words are common features embracing all men in all the countries on the earth.

Q.4. “Whenever we are told to hate our own brothers…….” When do you think this happens? Who tells us? Should we do as we are told at such times? What does the poet say?

Ans. When wars break out we are told to treat the other people involved in the war as our enemies. Generally, the rulers or those controlling the state power tell us to hate the enemies.

No, we should not do so. Because the poet says that the earth we live in is one place and all human beings are brothers and sisters. Instead of hatred, we should win their hearts by love.


Q.1 Who is the poet of the poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’?

Ans. The poet of the poem ‘No Men Are Foreign’ is James Kirkup.

Q.2. What does the poet want us to remember in the opening line of the poem?

Ans. In the opening line of the poem the poet wants us to remember that no men are foreign and no land is strange.

Q.3. What are there beneath all uniforms?

Ans. Beneath all uniforms, there lives and breathes a human being.

Q.4. How can the strength of the foreign people be won?

Ans. The strength of the foreign people can be won by love.

Q.5. How do the people in foreign countries win their livelihood?

Ans. The people in foreign countries earn their livelihood doing hard labour like us.

Q.6. “ …………. in which we all shall lie?

Ans. We all shall lie on this earth.

Q.7. Who are fed by peaceful harvest?

Ans. The people we treat as enemies are fed by peaceful harvest.

Q.8. How do we defile the human earth?

Ans. By taking arms against each other, we defile the human earth.

Q.9. What, according to the poet is common in every land?

Ans. According to the poet, life is common in every land.

Q.10. How do we ‘dispossess, betray and condemn ourselves?

Ans. By hating our fellowmen during wars we dispossess, betray and hate ourselves.

Q.11. What outrages the innocence of air?

Ans. The hells of fire and dust outrage the innocence of air.  0 0 0.

No Men Are Foreign  Question Solutions

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