The Legend of the Northland | Question Solutions


The Legend of the Northland | Question Solutions

The Legend of the Northland  Question Solutions

The Legend of the Northland | Question Solutions

-Phoebe Cary

The Legend of the Northland  Question Solutions


  1. Thinking about the Poem:

Q.1. Which country or countries, do you think ‘ the Northland’ refers to?

Ans. The northland’ refers to the countries as Siberia, Netherland, Greenland etc. nearer to the north pole.

Q.2. What did Saint Peter ask the old lady for? What was the lady’s reaction?

Ans. Saint Peter asked the old lady for a single piece of cake as alms. She baked three small cakes, each smaller than the other. But every time she found it large enough to give away.

Q.3. How did he punish her?

Ans. The saint punished the lady changing her into a woodpecker and made her live like birds and live on scanty food boring and boring hard dry wood.

Q.4. How does the woodpecker get her food?

Ans. The woodpecker gets her food by boring hard, dry wood.

Q.5. Do you think that the old lady would have been so ungenerous if she had known who Saint Peter really was? What would she have done then?

Ans. Yes, we think that even if the old lady had known Saint Peter she would not have believed and treated him in the same miserly way. She was so niggard that she could not part even with a small cake. One who is not kind to a fellow man cannot be expected to be kind to a saint.

Q.6. Is this a true story? Which part of this poem do you feel is the most important?

Ans. No, it is not a true story but a legend. The most important part of the story is Saint Pater’s asking for a cake and the selfish women’s refusal to part with even the smallest cake she had backed. Her selfish nature is adequately pictured in the poem.

Q.7. What is a legend? Why is this poem called a legend?

Ans. A legend is a traditional story by unknown authorship which passes on orally from one generation to the next.

This poem is called a legend because it has been there prevailing among men and women without any support of history. Events like Saint Peter asking for a cake, and changing a human being into a bird seem absurd. The poet himself does not believe it. Still, he has narrated it as if there is a lesson to learn.

Q.8. Write the story of “ A legend of the Northland” in about ten sentences.

Ans. The legend belongs to the people living in the north pole where the days are shorter in winter than the nights. People move on a sledge drawn by reindeer. In that snow-covered land, once Saint Peter came to the door of a cottage. A woman was baking cakes in the hearth. Saint Peter asked for only one cake. The women baked three small cakes, one smaller than the other. But she was so niggard that she could not even give the tiniest one of the cakes to the saint. Being angry, Saint Peter thought that such a niggard lady would not suit human society, so he changed the woman to a bird. As wished by him, she came out through the chimney. Except for her scarlet cap, all her clothes got burnt and turned as dark as coal. She was ordained to live on trees and live on scanty food that she must get boring hard and dry wood. Since then the woodpecker is seen in every country living as cursed by the Saint.


Q.1. Name the poet of the poem, ‘A Legend of the Northland’?

Ans. The name of the poet of the poem, ‘A Legend of the Northland’ is Phoebe Cary.

Q.2. Does the poet believe the story?

Ans. No, the poet does not believe the story.

Q.3. Why did Saint Peter walk about the world?

Ans. Saint peter walked about the world preaching the message of religion.

Q.4. When are the reindeer harnessed to the sledges?

Ans. The reindeer is harnessed to the sledges when the snow covers the land.

Q.5. What kind of clothes do the children in Northland wear? How do they look?

Ans. The children in Northland wear funny, furry clothes and they look like bear cubs in such dress.

Q.6. How did Saint Peter come to the door of the Cottage?

Ans. Saint Peter came to the door of the cottage in course of his travel round the earth.

Q.7. To what bird was the women changed?

Ans. The woman was changed to a woodpecker.

Q.8. How did the women provoke Saint Peter?

Ans. The women would not give any cake to the Saint. Her selfish nature provoked the Saint.

Q.9. What is the appearance of a woodpecker?

Ans. The head of the woodpecker is surrounded by a scarlet cap. The remaining parts of her body are black as coal.

Q.10. Why could not the woman give Saint Peter any cake?

Ans. The woman could not give Saint Peter any cake because she was very niggard and even the smallest cake seemed to her too large to give away.  0 0 0. The Legend of the Northland  Question Solutions

The Legend of the Northland  Question Solutions

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